Monday, March 26, 2012

Stewart Hooker

Bill Stewart of Stewart Surfboards shapes surfboards for every occasion, Retro Longboards, Noseriders, Performance longboards, Funboards, Shortboards and more! We have ridden most of his models and they are the some of best performing boards on the market. The "Hooker" worked as advertised but the best part is the price on these baby's! Check them out.

Meyerhoffer Surfboards

Thomas Meyerhoffer makes some of the most unique surfboards we have ridden and seen. They look funky and always provoke questions in the line-up, but they are super fun to ride! Check them out.

Night Train Surfboards

Board Riders Review caught up with Jack from Night Train Surfboards and check out his line of boards. Adding a fresh new twist to longboards, we cant wait to try a few of them out!

Capt Fin Co

Kevin at Captain Fin Co. gives Board Riders Review a quick snapshot of who they are and what they do. Check out this short video.

Vonsol Future Flex Hornet

Board Riders Review caught up with Mike and his Future Flex Hornet by VonSol. The waves were really good that day so we got a short but sweet testimonial.

If you surf, you must do this!

Yoga/Pilates and Nutrition Guru, Jenny Gadbois took a moment to show Board Riders Review some quick and easy after surf Yoga poses. Easy to do and highly beneficial, these poses will keep your muscles from getting tight and crampy. So after your sesh, take 15 minutes, throw yourself on the sand and unwind the stress and fatigue. Surf on!

Synch Bands for You Lazy People!

I wish I would of thought of this! Synch Bands takes the hassle out of lace up shoes forever! Easy to use, you can mix and match them for optimum coolness. Look for them at a store near you!