Tuesday, February 23, 2010

20 Minutes with Mike Hynson

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! Andrea from Board Riders Review drops in on Mike Hynson and gets the down the line scoop on his new book "Transcendental Memories of a Surf Rebel", his latest board creation "The White Knight", and Mike's take on the surf world.

20 Minutes with Mike Hynson from Board Riders Review on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Upcoming interview with Legendary Surfer and Shaper Mike Hynson

Andrea from Board Riders Review goes in-depth with Endless Summer's co star Mike Hynson. MIke shares with Andrea, his new book -"Trancendental Memories of a Surf Rebel" a must read! Also talks fins, golf, movies, his new line of surfboards dubbed the" White Knight" and many more things he has got coming. So stay tuned to Board Riders Review.com for the full interverview, coming soon!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mike Hynson's White Knight

Exclusive! Hot off Mike Hynsons shaping bay. Lorenzo from Board Riders Review got to ride the new "White Knight" by Hynson Surfboards. It is 1 of 3 different "White Knight" designs that are to be released in the very near future. I felt like I was wearing socks on a slippery floor! Lorenzo says, It reacted so fast and smooth that it seemed as if the board was not there, and I could do so many maneuvers on a wave. It was incredible! Can't wait to ride the others!

9' 7" Gato Heroi Playdate Surfboard

Board Riders Review checks out Alex's 9'7" Gato Heroi Playdate. Sharp rails narrow tail makes this a super fun board to ride.

Point Concept Dreadnought Surfboards

Alex descriibes his Dreadnought to Board Riders Review. Super knifey rails and very flat gives this board great glide.

RAT Surfboards

Board Riders Review catches Scott after a surf session on his custom surfboard by RAT Surfboards. We saw him ripping some 5-6 footers and decided to see what he was riding.

Master Lock - Key Safe

Master Lock. Key Safe is a great way to secure your key while you go surf, skate, or any other sport. Yeah most wetsuits have key pockets, However, most keys are a key FOB or have a chip imbedded in them with a battery, And hate water. I have heard many first hand stories of guys setting their keys on the tire or under the bumper whilst they surf only to find their vehicle gone or vandalized. The Key Safe is a cheap way to keep your stuff safe.