Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gene Cooper Fish Surfboards

Gene Cooper of Cooper Fish talks about his latest projects like the amazing Agave Board and his must have calendar.

Carl Ekstrom: on the Future of Surfboard Design

Check out Carl Ekstrom's designs, This may be the future of surfboards.

Zeph Carrigg, shaper at Bing Surfboards

Robyn McGinnis corners Zephaniah (Zeph) Carrigg, artist and shaper under the Bing label. Zeph"s 3 models are built for fun fun fun. Check out his boards and their amazing resin work.

Tim Stamps, Shaper of Stamps Surfboards

Tim Stamps gives Board Riders Review a quick shot on Stamps Surfboards.

Sticky Wheel

Tired of carrying or dropping you SUP? Board Riders Review finds a really cool product called Sticky Wheel at the Battle for the Paddle event. A simple light weight device that goes on your SUP in seconds. Check out the Video, I'm sure there are probably 1000 other uses for it .

Board Riders Review Hamboards

Lorenzo from Board Riders Review got a chance to ride the Hamboards, some of the biggest, most unique skateboards on the planet. Whether you're surf training, cruising to the liquor store or spending a lazy day on the boardwalk. These giant boards have a little something something for everyone.
They may even make you a better surfer! They are a blast!

Pro Team Rider Troy Mothershead on Stewart Surfboards

Board Riders Review gets the skinny from Troy Mothershead (Stewart team rider) on the 5 fin Stewart surfboards, The S-Winger and LSW. Board Riders Review got a chance to ride both of them and the first thing we noticed was how high they held in the pocket. We'll let Troy tell you...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shape with Robert August

Legendary Surfer//Shaper, Robert August talks to Andrea Siedsma of Board Riders Review about his boards and a cool program where you can spend a day shaping your own surfboard, as he guides you every step of the way. Known for his starring role in Endless Summer Robert remains as stoked as ever.

Dick Brewer

Legendary Shaper Dick Brewer spends a moment with Andrea of Board Riders Review at the Sacred Craft show. You could just feel the force!

Bing Copeland

Bing Copeland gets into a threesome with Andrea of Board Riders Review and team rider Robyn McGinnis. Bing talks about his new venture in Australia along with some of his favorite boards.

Von Sol

Sean Mattison shows use his new Von Sol Surfboards. Designed for function, fun and high performance, the hardest thing is choosing which one to get!

Gary Linden on Dick Brewer Surfboards

Gary Linden talks to Andrea of Board Riders Review about legendary shaper Dick Brewer surfboards. The designs and changes they have gone through in the past decades.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Lisa Carpenter Co founder of ReRip talks to Board Riders Review about her company. They are on a mission to Reduce, Reuse and Reride. They provide a venue for selling used boards online and locations where you can take your old surfboard to be recycled. All we have to say is, Lisa "ROCKS" Thank God for people like her and her company that care about the enviornment and are doing something about it!

Malama Composites

Ned from Malama Composites talks to Board Riders Review about being "Green to the Core" by making Soy based sustainable Surfboards amongst other products across a broad range of markets. Listen to what he has to say and do what you can in embracing the sustainability paradigm shift.

Surf into Yoga with Rochelle Ballard

Pro surfer Rochelle Ballard (one of the coolest humans I have ever met), talks to Board Riders Review about her new "Surf into Yoga" DVD. Her latest of many projects to come, features Hoku Gordines a 3rd degree "San Dan" along with Pro Snowboarder Chenelle Sladics. The trio takes you to a new level of surfing, working on your flexiblity, strength and inner peace.

5' 5" Aviso New Toy

Nick from Aviso reveals the new carbon fiber 5'5" New Toy by Doc Lausch. Looks pretty radical, can't wait to ride one.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Solid Surfboards

Board Riders Review catches Dan O'Hara of Solid Surf Co. at the Rob Machado's Green Expo. Dan shapes pretty much everything from Alaia's to super high performance SUP's. Re-using EPS scrap foam, Dans shapes stringerless,super light boards that look really cool and work as well. Also uses the latest FCS Fusion fin boxes.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Surf Exercise

Board Riders Review catches up with Paul Hiniker, trainer to some of the top surfers in the world. Paul talks to Andrea about his new Surf Exercises DVD he and Taylor Knox recently released. Designed to take your surfing to the next level. Paul gives us a little taste of the goodness. Can't wait to check it out and report back.