Monday, March 18, 2013

Linke Surfboards

Surfer /Shaper Nate Mehring at Linke Designs made this really fun looking surfboard, Its like 2 boards in one! Check out the vid.

TOMO Planning Hull

Surfer /Shaper Daniel Thomson, takes high performance surfboards to the next level!
His planing hulls are innovative and functional. If you doubt this, check him out on Youtube decimating waves at will!

Lib Tech "Ramp Series"

Magically fast, short, wide, lowest rocker series with a speedy Horsepower thumb tail and flipped full nose. A surf skate for aerials, acceleration and spinning in small to medium waves.

Firewire Potato Nator

The Potato Nator by Firewire Surfboards is designed to keep you having fun in the surf. Tons of volume with some shortboard characteristics it may be your everyday go to board at your local line up while you wait for those perfect days!
Go ride one, you will be stoked at how many waves you catch!

Limp, Stinky Booties!

The cheapest, best, easy to make, environmentally friendly bootie dryer on the market for 10 cents! Keeps your booties from stinking and dries them out much quicker than a limp bootie and makes the freshness last longer. So make yourself a pair or two and help save our landfills!

Wegener Blue Gill Review

Surfer/Shaper Jon Wegener makes some of the funnest wave riding vehicles around! Handplanes, paipo's to alaias one of the funnest I have ever riddden is the Blue Gill!
Check out and go out and demo one!

Rusty Neil & 4F

A few new models from Rusty Surfboards.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rusty Happy Shovel, Folly, T Dwart

A few new models from Rusty Surfboards.

Andy Davis Wetsuits

Surfer/Artist Andy Davis has teamed up with Billabong and created a really hip line of wetsuits for spring and summer.

Picking the Right Surfboard

Surfer and surfboard guru, Sean Mattison talks about the importance of picking the right surfboard. If your not in the top 40 and don't surf perfect waves everyday you may want to listen to him. This may be a key to becoming a better surfer!

Bottom Contours

Surfer and surfboard guru, Sean Mattison gives a quick lesson on different bottom contours that are on surfboards today, but not very many people understand them or even ask what they really do. Listen up, this video will make you smarter!

Fin Templates

Surfer/Board Designer, Sean Mattison talks about fin templates and the profound effect they can make to the attitude of your surfboard. Chockfull of important information you will have to watch this video over till you know it by heart. There will be a test!

Black Bird Surfboards

Surfer/Shaper, Tim Crozier of Black Bird Surfboards shows some of his super fun surfboards. We got to ride a few of them and had a blast. Check them out!

Viper Fins

Viper Fins bring more stoke to you body womping, Paipo ridng and handplaning.
Designed for comfort, speed and lots fun!