Tuesday, February 14, 2012

QFR System

Finally someone comes up with a way to adjust or remove a fin in seconds without any tools! Great for travel, multiple boards and stand ups or just switching fins!
Mike quickly shows how easy it is to use the QFR (quick fin release). We are pretty stoked on this little gadget!

Surfboards by Mason Dyer

Board Riders Review caught up with Cool Shaper/Surfer Mason Dyer and got the scoop on his brand of Surfboards. Can't wait to ride a few of them! Check out his ride.

"Trog" by Iron Cross Surfboards

Jay Gygera at Iron Cross Surfboards let Board Riders Review take his own personal "Trog" . A shortboard designed for everyday So Cal waves. It performed really well in 4-6 foot loamy waves and it really shined on the inside dredgers, we had a blast on it! Stable, predictable it is a great base for a custom board with your preferences. And they are under 5 bills!

Iron Cross Surfboards 5150 Shortboard

Jay Grygera from Iron Cross Surfboards in Cardiff Ca. Lets Board Riders Review take out their "5150" shortboard model. Even in 6'-8' loamy surf it worked very well and was a very user friendly board. Board really lights up in steep fast hollow breaks. Check them out, Jay and Jeff are super friendly and will get you the right board for a great price!

Puka Patch Instant Ding Repair

Puka Patch can extend your surf time at home or traveling abroad! check out the vid and see how easy it is to mend your board on the fly and keep you surfing. We know, we've used them.

Nice Rack

Having too many surfboards is never a problem, unless you don't have a Nice Rack to put them on. Owner Michael Russell shows us some of his many Surfboard, SUP and other watercraft storage devices.

Surf Tours Nicaragua

Alex from Surf Tours Nicaragua tells Board Riders Review everything you get when you take a surf trip to their destination. Off shore winds, perfect surf, warm water, home brewed beer what more could a surfer want! Frothing to go!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bufo Hydroflex

Bufo Brauers of Hydroflex Surfboards gives Board Riders Review a sneak peak at a few of his surfboards for 2012. We got to ride several of the models and loved them all, especially the 5'1" Shift Kicker "Clutch" extremely fast , light and maneuverable. Kinda of like Manny Pacquiao! The best part is they can take a beating and last a long long time! Check them out online.

Isurus "Best"Wetsuits 2012

Isurus Wetsuits is on the cutting edge of wetsuits for 2012. Super light, warm, durable and full of features, they get Board Riders Review "Best" in production wetsuits on the market. Check them out online.