Monday, December 28, 2009

Board Riders Review makes Slider Magazine!

Lorenzo of Board Riders Review gets caught on a right hand screamer by Slider

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dessa Kirk Surfboard Review

Board Riders Review gets to ride Dessa Kirk Surfboards. Great gliders, these smooth operators got so many looks in and out of the water. Super fun to ride!

Board Riders Review Dessa Kirk Surfboards

Board Riders Review catches a few local Surfers giving their first impression of Dessa Kirk Surfboards.

Almond 5' 10" Kookumber Surfboard

Check out Megan and her Kookumber. A 5'10" single fin by Almond Surfboards. Board Riders Review is looking to catch up with surfing high school teacher, Megan, and talking her into letting us take it for a session, and hopefully make the grade.

Maurice Cole Metro

Lorenzo from Board Riders Reviews test rides the Metro by Maurice Cole and gives you the drop on it.

Russell Surfboards Rocket Fish

Check out this FAT 5'4" "Rocket Fish" by Russell Surfboards out of Newport Beach. Looks super fun! Board Riders Review caught Patrick at Pipes with it. Listen as he gives us the Juice on it.

Micah Wood 9' 4" Noserider

Max gives Board Riders Review a quick review of his Micah Wood noserider.

Cole Twin Fin

Board Riders Review catches Max Jesse with his Cole Twin and gets the scoop on his funboard.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for that perfect gift for your favorite surfer? Andrea from Board Riders Review visits Coral at Hansens Boardshop and finds some great gift ideas and stocking stuffers for the last minute shopper.

Board Riders Review wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Maurice Cole Surfboards

The Future is Faster! After winning the war against Mr. C, Maurice Cole talks with Board Riders Review during his visit to the US. The Legend from Down Under is Back in Black and introducing his personally tried and tested, really fast line of surfboards to America. Sold exclusively at Surf Ride Board Shops, they are now available to demo. I rode the Metro and was totally stoked on it!

Dessa Kirk Surfboards

Sexy Surfboards by Dessa Kirk. Board Riders Review gets the shizzel on hot new shaper, Dessa Kirks designs. From sexy rails to tantalizing art work, her surfboards are inspired by Skip Frye, Bob Mitsven and other notable shapers. Not only do they work and look good they will raise your cool factor and will attract a lot of attention on the beach.

IS IS by Zeph Carrigg

Lorenzo from Board Riders Review digs the Zeph Carrigg "Is Is" This board exceeded my expectations! Paddles great, turns great, catches everything. From ankle slappers to head high surf the "Is Is" felt very stable and brought my wave count and fun factor way up along with my confidence. Definitely a fun, versatile surfboard.

Synergy Surfboards

High performance surfboards that are green? Board Riders Review gets a peek at the V Drive, Synergy Surfboards new model that performs killer in heavy surf, yet works well in small grovel surf. Synergy surfboards are on the right path with their Eco friendly approach and are pushing the limits on design and performance. Can't wait to ride one!

Surf Coach USA

Sean Mattison talks to Board Riders Review about his very successful surf school, Surf Coach USA. Seans coaching can take a surfer to the next level of surfing. Coach of the World Champions, surfers are stoked on Sean.

Dessa Kirk Twin Fin

Andrea from Board Riders Review falls in love with a Dessa Kirk fish! One ride was all it took and Andrea was hooked (line and sinker) Influenced by Skip Frye, Bob Mitsven and several other notable shapers Dessa Kirk's surfboards are works of art. As professional sculptor / recently turned shaper, Dessa's work is outstanding!

KG Sea Viper

Board Riders Review test rides the new KG Sea Viper. This quad fish surfboard is fast and furious. Kane Garden nailed it with this new design, turns great, paddles easy, breaks loose when you want it to, yet very stable down the line. Also tuff and durable.