Sunday, July 4, 2010

EFX Balance Performance

Raquel tells Board Riders Review about her first surf session with EFX Performance bands.


Chez Foster, founder of Hypnosurf is a genius! If you want to take your surfing to the Quantum level, try his creation. Chez sent Board Riders Review a hard copy of Hypnosurf and we have been trying to disprove it ever since, the weird thing is that our surfing is best its ever been! Hmmm.

Elysia from Si-Boards

Board Riders Review decided to test Elysia from Si-Boards, balance by throwing her on a SUP. Never been on one and in less than five minutes she was doing yoga poses and other contortions on the boards! A testament that her balance boards rock! Literally.

Buccaneer Board Riders

BBR shows Board Riders Review their new line of surf trunks that rival the top big names in the industry, In quality , performance and especially price. these shorts use the latest stretch materials on the market today , And at a very affordable price. Get a pair now.


Tikiwaxx shows Board Riders Review their line of super sticky surfboard wax and their clever wax combs. Check them out.

Mike Hynson's Magic Carpet

Mike Hynson is shaping a new surfboard called the "Magic Carpet". Watch as Norcal ripper, Travis Gianni takes the 5'2" for its maiden voyage. Board Riders Review was there to catch the action! They come in any size you want. "They truly are magic".

Kristy Murphy's Siren Surf Adventures

Kristy Murphy's Siren Surf Adventures sound so cool! Ahhh, the Surf, warm water, the great food and cerveza(s)... Board Riders Review was ready to go after this interview. We were salivating! What a great crew to hang out with! If you're dreaming of getting away from work and hustle and bustle, definitely hit her up. You'll have a trip to remember for ever!