Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sir Richards Condoms

Board Riders Review goes off the grid a bit and shows that surfers have a few interests other than surfing. Suit up with Sir Richards condoms, and every condom sold gets someone in Haiti laid....I mean, some safe sex protection.

Surf Indian

Board Riders Review got a quick moment with Chris Rule owner of Surf Indian. Shop is super cool and one of a kind. If you are a collector or just like cool stuff, definitely check out Surf Indian located in Pacific Beach, CA.

9'4 Stewart Regal Longboard

Bill Stewart has been shaping longboards for a very long time and is always finding ways to tweek them and make them perform better. He claims the Regal model is 90% old school and 10% hot rod.. After we rode it, we felt it had a bit more hot rod in it. The Regal performed as, or better than advertised.

Joe Blair 8'0 Quad

Longtime surfer/shaper Joe Blair has been shaping all kindsof boards for a looooong time with legendary shapers and surfers. From windsurf boards, SUP's to boards for Pipe, Joe has a ton of experience and his boards are super user friendly and fun to surf. Also fun to hang out with and listen to some crazy stories.

Mini Simmons

Board Riders Review got to ride a 5'8 Mini Simmons made by veteran shaper Joe Bauguess in collaboration with surfer Richard Kevin. Joe took Bob Simmons decades old design and made the first 6' Mini Simmons and the rest is history.

Pearson Arrow Surfboards

Long time Santa Cruz surfer/shaper, Bob Pearson takes a moment and talks Board Riders Review during a Sacred Craft honoring shaper, Doug Haut. Santa Cruz is a hotbed for hardcore shapers and surfers.

Ernie Higgins

Long time San Diego surfer / shaper Ernie Higgins talks to Board Riders Review about the current state of handmade surfboards.

Stewart Surfboards 9'0 Redline 11 Longboard

Bill Stewart's latest and greatest longboard creation, the "Redline 11". Super wide nose for easy fast noseriding a girthy body that makes the board paddle like a champ and a tail that turns on a dime for those 12 o clock smacks. Board Riders Review got a chance to ride the first model made (Bills personal board) a 9'0 and it lived up to its name. The Redline 11 was off the charts!