Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pro-Lite 2013

Pro-Lite, from rack pads, tractions pads, leashes to travel bags. Pro-Lite products are top of the line in design, durability and function.

Alva Surfcraft

Legendary Skater/ Surfer Tony Alva shows Board Riders Review his new line of Surfcraft. Made to catch waves and more importantly to have fun on we can't wait to test ride the Alva Surfcraft surfboards!

Bryan Helfand

Surf Artist Bryan Helfand does amazing art on Surfboards, handplanes and any surface he gets his hands on including Facebook headquarters! Teaming up Tim Patterson, the proceeds from this rad surfboard go to SurfAid.

Sport of Kings Foundation

Artist Wade Konaikowsky and fellow artists create an amazing piece of art for the Sport of Kings Foundation. Helps support shapers, surfers, and others in the surf industry that may need help. Inspired by longtime legendary shaper, Terry Martin who recently passed away. Please help support at


One of the coolest products we found at the Boardroom Surf Show is the Loop Rope. Jeff Dahl the inventor shows Board Riders Review some of its many uses. From surfboards to equipment LoopRope is already at work at the BRR camp! Check them out!

Ion Cameras

Ion - A new waterproof action camera hits the market. Love to a get a hold of one to try out. Great price points and ergonomics.

Topless Boardbag

What a great idea! I wish I would have thought of it. Creator of the Topless Boardbag, Gino shows Board Riders Review how easy it is to use. If you're tired of your boards fading or are shoving boards in you car and are sick of wax getting everywhere then get the Topless Boardbag, your wife or girlfriend will be happy and may let you surf more often!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Black Bird Surfboards

Tim Crozier of Black Bird Surfboards let us test drive some his surfboards at a recent demo and the only problem was getting to ride one and choosing which one to ride. They all were super fun and are made to surf! Look for them at your local shop or contact Tim!

Zen Surfboards

Cal Thomas Schafer takes a moment to talk about his retro inspired surfboards. I rode both and they are smooth, functional and most of all fun! Can't wait to ride other models! Check him out on the web or FB.

Polfer Hull Nest Technology

Ryan Polfer from Polfer Hull Designs shows us his latest high performance surfboard, single fin, stringerless and nested in carbon fiber this board will take you to the next level!

9' 5 Rich Pavel

North County surf stylist Summer Nelson, shows Board Riders Review her sweet 9'5 Pavel longboard.

Sirena Sol

Amy of Sirena Sol Paddle Wear for Women shows off her cool line. Designed to be functional, comfortable and fashionable, We think Amy hit a Homerun with her line for Stand Up Paddling!

Wegener Bio Mini Interview

When Jon Wegener speaks, you should listen or better yet ride his boards! Handplanes, paipo's, alaia's, blue gills, shortboards, lonboards and anything in between Jon shapes super fun boards to ride. Give him a call or swing by Patagonia and test ride some fun.

Wegener Bio Mini

Best (Bio) Mini Simmons we have ever ridden! Jon Wegener at Wegener Surf made this little nugget and it really performs, from ankle high to well overhead surf, this Bio Mini may just be a quiver killer. Jon rides everything he makes and can custom make anything to suit your needs. Check him out at Wegener Surf.