Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shop Surfy Surfy Shop

Summer at Surfy Surfy surf shop in Leucadia takes Board Riders Review on a quick tour of the their unique surf shop. A great place to find specialty surf and skate related goodies, Surfy Surfy prides themselves on locally made soft and hardgoods. Swing by, hang out and you will learn more about surfing than you ever thought would fit in that melon of yours!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Goofboard: A Balance Board for Surfers

Armin Brown of GoofBoard has come up with a really simple design for a balance board that gives you the sensation of surfing. Board Riders Review has tried to destroy this board yet it still looks brand new. And as a result, our surfing has improved tremendously! Best gift you can give yourself or someone you "Like".

Polfer Hull Design Surfboards

Surfer/Shaper Ryan Polfer makes the most radical performance single fin in existence today! He has been testing his design and tearing waves apart at his secret surf spot known as Trestles. He can put his design on shortboards, funboards and longboards.

Polfer Hull Longboard

Board Riders Review had a chance to ride a really unique Polfer Hull Design longboard. Shaper and radical surfer Ryan Polfer has developed a new bottom on the tail of his brand of surfboards. Designed and surf tested by Ryan, his surfboards eliminate the need for the thruster side fins, reducing drag and creating thrust. Check him out.

Stewart Surfboards Fartknocker

Surfer/Shaper Bill Stewart designed this little ripstick for the local groms in the San Clemente and Lowers area. Some old guys like me started riding thes and having a blast! Great for grovelly days as well punting airs and doing all the new school tricks you can this board. It's the Shiznit!

Stewart Surfboards 9'0 CMP

Shaper/Surfer Bill Stewart's CMP is a super Hi Performance longboard. Designed light and thin it is built for speed, carving, noseridng and winning World Championships! Four of them to be exact. We at Board Riders Review really loved the performance aspect and all kinds of waves.