Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bufo Hydroflex Technology

With the assistance of Erik Baldwin, Board Riders Review was able to get past the armed guards and the German high tech alarms to get a behind the scenes tour of Hydroflex Technologies. Tour guide and German technologist, Bufo gives Board Riders Review a taste of what's going on in their facility. Their innovation brings a whole new level to surfboards. More to come...

Sticky Bumps 2010 Leashes and Traction Pads

Erik Baldwin shows Board Riders Review the 2010 Sticky Bumps Leashes in standard colors and "Day Glo" (available in 6 eye watering colors) and signature series Trac Pads. Great new colors and always high quality, a must for your stick.

Firewire Taj Model

Travis Gianni gives Board Riders Review his view of the Firewire Taj Model. Travis enjoys airs, hacks and long walks on the beach.

Catch Surf 6'0 Y Quad

Craig Midili tells Board Riders Review about his Catch Surf Y Quad. Seen him ripping out in the water and catching aloooot of waves!!

Liquid Shredder SUP's

Rick at Liquid Shredder gives Board Riders Review a peek at their line of Soft Stand Up Paddleboards. Available in four different sizes, they're a great way to go if you are just learning or have as a back up boards for friends and family. Designed to withstand some abuse they are alot softer when you wack yourself or others with them. Be sure and check them out.

Liquid Shredder 9'0 & 10'

Patti from Board Riders Review gives us her thoughts on the Liquid Shredder SUP's
Super unique, they have smooth vinyl like outer skin over a foam core with a drain plug, they are super light and the 9'0 is 35" wide!
Super fun to ride!