Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shop Surfy Surfy Shop

Summer at Surfy Surfy surf shop in Leucadia takes Board Riders Review on a quick tour of the their unique surf shop. A great place to find specialty surf and skate related goodies, Surfy Surfy prides themselves on locally made soft and hardgoods. Swing by, hang out and you will learn more about surfing than you ever thought would fit in that melon of yours!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Goofboard: A Balance Board for Surfers

Armin Brown of GoofBoard has come up with a really simple design for a balance board that gives you the sensation of surfing. Board Riders Review has tried to destroy this board yet it still looks brand new. And as a result, our surfing has improved tremendously! Best gift you can give yourself or someone you "Like".

Polfer Hull Design Surfboards

Surfer/Shaper Ryan Polfer makes the most radical performance single fin in existence today! He has been testing his design and tearing waves apart at his secret surf spot known as Trestles. He can put his design on shortboards, funboards and longboards.

Polfer Hull Longboard

Board Riders Review had a chance to ride a really unique Polfer Hull Design longboard. Shaper and radical surfer Ryan Polfer has developed a new bottom on the tail of his brand of surfboards. Designed and surf tested by Ryan, his surfboards eliminate the need for the thruster side fins, reducing drag and creating thrust. Check him out.

Stewart Surfboards Fartknocker

Surfer/Shaper Bill Stewart designed this little ripstick for the local groms in the San Clemente and Lowers area. Some old guys like me started riding thes and having a blast! Great for grovelly days as well punting airs and doing all the new school tricks you can this board. It's the Shiznit!

Stewart Surfboards 9'0 CMP

Shaper/Surfer Bill Stewart's CMP is a super Hi Performance longboard. Designed light and thin it is built for speed, carving, noseridng and winning World Championships! Four of them to be exact. We at Board Riders Review really loved the performance aspect and all kinds of waves.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sir Richards Condoms

Board Riders Review goes off the grid a bit and shows that surfers have a few interests other than surfing. Suit up with Sir Richards condoms, and every condom sold gets someone in Haiti laid....I mean, some safe sex protection.

Surf Indian

Board Riders Review got a quick moment with Chris Rule owner of Surf Indian. Shop is super cool and one of a kind. If you are a collector or just like cool stuff, definitely check out Surf Indian located in Pacific Beach, CA.

9'4 Stewart Regal Longboard

Bill Stewart has been shaping longboards for a very long time and is always finding ways to tweek them and make them perform better. He claims the Regal model is 90% old school and 10% hot rod.. After we rode it, we felt it had a bit more hot rod in it. The Regal performed as, or better than advertised.

Joe Blair 8'0 Quad

Longtime surfer/shaper Joe Blair has been shaping all kindsof boards for a looooong time with legendary shapers and surfers. From windsurf boards, SUP's to boards for Pipe, Joe has a ton of experience and his boards are super user friendly and fun to surf. Also fun to hang out with and listen to some crazy stories.

Mini Simmons

Board Riders Review got to ride a 5'8 Mini Simmons made by veteran shaper Joe Bauguess in collaboration with surfer Richard Kevin. Joe took Bob Simmons decades old design and made the first 6' Mini Simmons and the rest is history.

Pearson Arrow Surfboards

Long time Santa Cruz surfer/shaper, Bob Pearson takes a moment and talks Board Riders Review during a Sacred Craft honoring shaper, Doug Haut. Santa Cruz is a hotbed for hardcore shapers and surfers.

Ernie Higgins

Long time San Diego surfer / shaper Ernie Higgins talks to Board Riders Review about the current state of handmade surfboards.

Stewart Surfboards 9'0 Redline 11 Longboard

Bill Stewart's latest and greatest longboard creation, the "Redline 11". Super wide nose for easy fast noseriding a girthy body that makes the board paddle like a champ and a tail that turns on a dime for those 12 o clock smacks. Board Riders Review got a chance to ride the first model made (Bills personal board) a 9'0 and it lived up to its name. The Redline 11 was off the charts!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nubster Fin aka The Guitar Pick

Sean Mattison talks about his Nubster Fin aka The Guitar Pick that he sent Kelly Slater for the Quiksilver Pro New York and also used at the Ripcurl Portugal contest. Sean personally wave tests and develops all his surfboards and fins to increase a surfers level of fun and performance. Sean rips in the surf, so when 10 time world champion Kelly Slater uses your product, chances are that it works pretty good!

Surf Snack

Board Riders Review interviews Surf Snack about their healthy & eco-conscious snack bar that keeps those hunger pains away and keeps you in the water longer. Daniel rips in the surf most likely cause he is spending more time surfing and less time eating breakfast burritos!


Board Riders Review interviews Repavision clothing about their new alternative to rash guards. These liquid-repellant, breathable shirts can be rocked in and out of the water.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Odina Eco Surf Style

Board Riders Review interviews the peeps from Odina Eco Surf Style about their eco friendly swim suit line. Made from recycled plastic and reclaimed material, these suits are stylish, functional and comfortable to wear.

Rusty Dozer

The Dozer is Rusty's answer to the Channel Islands Motorboat by Rob Machado. Lower rocker, widened outlines and higher volume makes the Dozer a great all around performance surfboard for those in between swell conditions.

Xanadu Hobyo

Board Riders Review test drives a Xanadu Hobyo with a big diamond tail. A great blend of old school mixed with contemporary lines made this board super fun and super versatile in most every day surf conditions. Great for all levels of ability.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Channel Islands Surfboard Demo

Anna Santoro of Board Riders Review checks out a few of the Al Merrick Channel Island Surfboards: the Dane Reynolds' Neckbeard, the Yadin Nicol Cheese stick, and the Dagger by Taylor Knox.

Surf Prescriptions Bush Whacker Thang

Board Riders Review test rides the Bush Whacker Thang by Surf Prescriptions. Super fun board to ride on small crappy days when your short board won't cut it, and you don't feel like riding your longboard. It's a great board to add to your quiver. Check it out.

Monday, October 10, 2011

HDX Surf Hydration

A great way to re-hydrate after a killer surf session. At your home break or surfing some tropical paradise, HDX Hydration Mix is the most effecient, concious way to keep your mental focus, replace those precious electrolytes and also help your muscles recover. Check them out for sure!

Surfer Supplements

Can't surf as long as you used to, often feel exhausted after a surf sesssion? Then try Surfer Suppliments! Created by Dario Antonioni and the help of Big Wave Charger Greg Long and long time surfer and "Rippin Hottie" Serena Brooke. An easy way to get your supplements in one dose! "Stay healthy surf longer"!

Shaun Tomson's New Warp

Bustin' Down the Door and Legendary surfer,Shaun Tomson's got a new ride. The "Warp" by Al Merrick at Channel Islands Surfboards. Full bodied and designed to turn easier, catch waves easier, and have more fun. What else can you ask for in a surfboard!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Retro Surf Suits by Seea

Robyn McGinnis of Board Riders Review catches up with Italian swim suit designer, Amanda Chinchelli of Seea and gets a preview and test ride of her new 2012 retro surf suit swimwear line. Form fitting and comfortable without the usual tug and pull. Check out these dynamic surf divas!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Von Sol Hornet & the Nubster Fin

The latest in the Von Sol line up - the Hornet. Board Riders Review got a chance to ride it in the 5'10", and it absolutely rips! It was like we were Kelly Slater... for a moment. Sean Mattison's design of the Hornet plus the Nubster (a.k.a., the Guitar Pick) rocks! Get one!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to repair inflatable Stand up paddleboard (SUP)

Board Riders Review shows how to repair your inflatable SUP. The total set up, repair and clean up took about half hour and was very simple and basic. The Shubu was back in the water the next morning and the patch job was a success.

Dane Reynolds Neckbeard

Channel Islands team rider, Dane Reynolds creates the new Neckbeard. The latest board he is ripping on. Board Riders Review gets a quick peek at a recent Surf Ride demo.

Taylor Knox Dagger

WCT surfer Taylor Knox's new model is out. The "Dagger" made by Channel Islands is coming to a shop near you!

CJ Nelson and The Meadow

Legendary surfer, CJ Nelson talks to Board Riders Review about "The Meadow" A collaboration of a deep pool of shaping talent and surfers from Santa Cruz, California they produce some the highest quality, innovative surfboards on the market today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Black Star Surfboards

Marco Foreman talks about a new line of surfboards called Black Star out of Santa Cruz , California. Formerly know as M10, these boards are pure white, high performance surfboards that may take you to the next level of ripping!

Neto Grip Madnetic Stick

A new way to stick to your boards. Whether you surf, wakeboard, kiteboard Neto Grip's new system will keep you attached to your board safely. Check it out.

3D GoPro Camera

Justin from GoPro shows Board Riders Review the new 3D set up. Super compact, affordable and easy to use, these GoPros let you capture your "Hero" moments to show the world!

Andreini Surfboards

Long time Santa Cruz shaper, Marc Andreini talks about his influences and his designs on hull style surfboards. From longboards, cross country boards to shortboards, Marc has made a name for himself in the surfboard world.

Noe Surfboards

Santa Cruz, surfer / shaper Buck Noe literally has surfing and shaping in his blood. Groomed by some of the best in the world, while in utero, it's no wonder he is so passionate about shaping and surfing. Check out the vid and learn why he is so F'd up!

Xanadu Surf Designs

Board Riders Review gets a brief moment with Xanadu. A respected shaper for 36 years, Xanadu has travelled and shaped all around the world and his surfboard designs are ridden by some of the best surfers in the world. Lisa Anderson won two World Titles on Xanadu's and Brian Conely is getting sick barrels on them as well! Check em out.

G&S 9'0 Chip

Isaac Wood talks about his new G&S longboards called the "Chip".

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

G&S 5'10 Stump

Isaac Wood, team rider for G&S Surfboards talks about his new model, the "Stump" surfboard that is in the G&S Surfboards lineup. Board Riders Review had a chance to ride it and it was a blast! Definitely check them out.

G&S 10'0 Log

The new Isaac Wood longboard model called the Log is at a shop near you. Team rider for Gordon and Smith Surfboards, Isaac is creating some really good surfboards that are easy to ride and specific to what you looking for in a board. Board Riders Review got a chance to ride it and it performed as advertised.

Surf Kaddy

If you hate wearing booties but love warm feet, then Surf Kaddy is for you. Surf Kaddy also has pockets to carry all that stuff you forget when you need it the most, like wax, fin keys, sunscreen, screwdrivers and any other essentials you need at the beach, Check them out!

G&S Surfboards

Gordon and Smith Surfboards is making a comeback!. Check out this vid with Aaron Jameson of G&S and team rider Isaac Wood as they talk about some their new and redesigned surfboards. Board Riders Review had a blast riding all models they brought down to the surf, we surfed till we dropped! Thanks guys! Check them out for sure!

Ward Coffey Shapes

Winner of the recent Tribute to the Masters shape-off held in Santa Cruz. Board Riders Review got an interview with Ward before it was announced. The competition was stiff honoring another Santa Cruz shaper, Doug Haut. Congrats to Ward Coffey!

Surf Boards by Michel Junod

Board Riders Review got a quick interview with Legendary Shaper/Surfer Michel Junod at a recent Sacred Craft show in Santa Cruz,Ca. One of the coolest cats we have ever met, Michel is the epitomy of "Surf Cool" cause he's " Been there, done that" (Also, a really awesome shaper)

Natural Curves Surfboards

Steve Coletta, of Santa Cruz has been shaping surfboards for over forty years. Board Riders Review dropped by his booth for a quick interview at a recent Sacred Craft show.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Doug Haut Surfboards

Doug Haut, Santa Cruz surfer/shaper has been shaping for over 50 years. Shaping everything from shortboards, hybrids, longboards, SUP's, windsurfers and customs, Doug has been at the epicenter of surfing and building surfboards for a long time, meaning he is pretty good at both! Board Riders Review was lucky to get a moment (he was mobbed the whole show) with the Santa Cruz Legend at a recent Sacred Craft show dedicated to and honoring his legacy in the surfing world. Check it out.

Soma Board Bags

Soma Air Bag Designs are probably the safest surfboard bags on the market today! As you see in the video, no conventional bag would protect your surfboard(s) like a Soma. Great for traveling or going local, its the best way to care for your stick! Check out their website for some insane abuse they give their board bags.

Quiver Kaddy Review

Board Riders Review test drives the Quiver Kaddy Surfboard Trailer. A super cool way to haul your boards to the surf and save your gas money for that next board you have been eyeballing. Light , compactable and able to carry up to four surfboards (five if you squeeze em) or two SUPs or any other watercraft you may have. Go get one!

5' 9" Von Sol Shadow

Board Riders Review gets to ride the 5'9" Von Sol Shadow. A real user friendly surfboard designed by Sean Mattison takes the the good qualities of a fish and gives it a narrower rounded tail Making it super versatile. The Boardworks version is great for travel and taking abuse.

9' 8" Bing Elevator

Test ride on a 9'8" Bing "Elevator" Subtle tail rocker for easy turning, a step deck with a mild concave for great for noseriding, Shaper Matt Calvani and team rider, Chris Del Morro put together a great board . If you want to add some grace and style to your surfing, then definitely give this board a try.

Turbo Tunnel Fins

eam rider Shane Jones gives Board Riders Review a quick look at Turbo Tunnel Fins.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coral Reef Wetsuits Interview

Shane Jones of Coral Reef Wetsuits talks with Board Riders Review about their longstanding, quality wetsuits.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Swell Stuff Interview

Lisa Hetman of Swell Stuff invites Board Riders Review to visit her shop. She gives us a personal tour of her wetsuit repair shop. For any kind of wetsuit repair or alteration, Lisa's got the skills to do the job right and make your suit fit like a glove.

Allan Gibbons 5'10" Reflex

Board Riders Review test rides a 5'10" Reflex by Allan Gibbons. Ghost shaper for Al Merrick at Channel Islands, Allan shaped boards in the era of Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, and Dane Reynolds and is now working under his own label in Santa Barbara. Thanks to JP at Surfy Surfy we got a chance to sneak it out for a few days.

Interview with Pendoflex

Board Riders Review visits Steve and Cher Pendarvis, the artists behind Pendoflex Surfboards. Steve tells all about his inspiration for his unique surfboard design. His wife, Cher, accomplished writer, photographer, and artist, shows her artistic flair. Enjoy!

Pendoflex Test Ride

Board Riders Review test rides a quiver of Pendoflex surfboards. Designed and shaped by Steve Pendarvis, these boards really bring a new dimension to surfing. Be sure to check them out.

Colin McPhillips Sups by Hobie

Hobie team rider, Colin McPhillips shows his signature model SUPs. Shaped by Mark Johnson at Hobie these Stand Up Paddleboards are fast, light and super manuverable in the surf.

Firewire Sweet Potato

Chuey Reyna gives us the scoop on the new Sweet Potato Surfboard from Firewire. Super fun for those smaller days or if you just want to get off your longboard and feel young again, then definitely try the Sweet Potato!

Enjoy Handplanes

Board Riders Review interviews Ed Lewis of Enjoy Handplanes. Ed is doing his part by taking old surfboards and turning them into super fun handplanes for body surfing. A great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Monday, April 18, 2011

High Cascade Snowboard Camp

Sounds like a really great place to hone your snowboarding skills or learn some new tricks. They are an all-inclusive 8-day summer snowboard camp determined to show you the best time of your life. Thanks to Mt. Hood's glacier and massive winter snowfalls we are able to snowboard all summer long. They offer 6 sessions each summer and our staff of over 100 are some of the finest humans you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Docs Pro Plugs The Ultimate Ear Protection

Doc's Proplugs is the only earplug that protects the ears from surfer's ear by keeping a warm pocket of air in the canal and keeping cold water out without impeding hearing and balance. "Doc's Proplugs are crucial for surfing. I've been using them for 10 years and I never go into the water without them. Without Proplugs you will develop surfers ear and then need your ears to be drilled." - (pro-surfer) Jason 'Ratboy' Collins

Surf More XM

Tired of your kook cord (leash) wrapping itself around your leg, foot or toes and ruining the wave of the day? Then Surf More XM leashes are the way to go. They also make killer traction pads, board bags and more. Check them out!

Surf Shades

Sunglasses for all your watersports. If your eyes are getting thrashed by the sun but you still want to surf when the sun is blaring in your eyes, then try Surf Shades. Much cheaper and less painful than getting new eyeballs!

Surf Nano Products

Big wave charger Darrick Doerner digs it! " It takes me places I haven't been before"! The "Board Enhancer" is a clear, hydrophobic coating that when applied to the underside and rails of a surfboard and allowed to cure, creates a water repellent surface which reduces drag, increases board speed, and increases quickness in the turns. As Double D says "Try it"!

Blair Surfboards

Having shaped for over 40 years under names like Dick Brewer, Gerry Lopez, Xanadu, Joe Blair has created his own collection of fast and furious longboard and shortboard shapes. And now stand up paddleboards (SUPs). We've ridden a few of his boards and they are all super fun and super fast!

Slider Magazine Photo Art

Jay Golien of Slider Magazine displayed his Surf / Lifestyle photographic art at the Center for a Healthy Living. Passionate about Surfing and Photography, Jay is one of the coolest cats I have ever met, both in and out of the water. He has a great eye and captures some of the most soulful images. Definitely check his work out, you may be in it!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Interview with Jim "The Genius" Phillips

A rare look at Jim "The Genuis" Phillips. Mike Dismukes was able to get Board Riders Review into hallowed ground. Jim is a master craftsman/ surfboard builder. Whether he is building a Pig or a chambered wood board, Jim's surfboards are highly coveted in the surf world by surfers and collectors alike. Winner of several prestigiuos awards, Jim is a Genius!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tiki Waxx Review

Travis of Board Riders Review gives two thumbs up for Tiki Waxx after a 4 hour surf session. Never lost his grip. Critical when you get into those punchy waves to mushy shore break. Get Tiki on your stick.

Superbrand Surfboards

Superbrand Surfboards is a shapers collective of young innovative surfboard designers with a skate influenced aesthetic. Founded by surf phenoms, Clay Marzo, Ry Craike and Dion Aigus. All the boards are Rider Driven, Rider Approved! If you think you rip now, these boards will take you to next level.

Denno Pop Surf Aid

Denno Pop to the rescue! If you have back or neck problems and they are keeping you out of the water, then check out this surf aid.

Kings Paddle Sports - Stand Up Paddle Boards

Dave Daum at Kings Paddle Sports shows his new line of SUPs at the recent Sacred Craft show in San Diego.

Bing & Jacobs Surfboards

Shaper Matt Calvani talks to Board Riders Review about his latest surfboards at the Sacred Craft show. Makes you want to ride them all!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Stretch Surfboards

Dave Aumentado from Stretch Surfboards gives a quick overview of Stretch's philosophy on surfboard design. Board Riders Review gets the story and is looking forward to riding some of them.

Chemistry Surfboards

Board Riders Review catches an interview with Jason Bennett of Chemisty Surfboards at the Sacred Craft Show. He gives us the info on their high performance surfboards.

Dennis Pang Surfboards

Board Riders Review get a moment with Hawaiin surfer/shaper Dennis Pang at the Sacred Craft show.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Swell Stuff Interview

Lisa Hetman of Swell Stuff invites Board Riders Review to visit her shop. She gives us a personal tour of her wetsuit repair shop. For any kind of wetsuit repair or alteration, Lisa's got the skills to do the job right and make your suit fit like a glove.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brown Fish Handplanes

Custom made handplanes for body surfing! Check out Brown Fish Handplanes.

Plus One Surfboards

Joe Virgilio of Plus One Surfboards shows Board Riders Review their new line of surfboard at the Sacred Craft show.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Harbour Surfboards

Rich Harbour has been shaping boards for 51 years, thats longer than most of us have been alive or surfing!

Walden Magic Strato-Flex

Board Riders Review catches Craig Schumacher (father of World Champ, Cori Schumacher) after his first session on this 5 stringer High Performance 9'0" Walden Surfboard. I would have to say he likes it! Cant wait to try one.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Michael Miller Quad Fish

Andrea Siedsma catches Daniel "The Fin Maker" Partch with his custom Michael Miller Quad Fish before he hits the water.

Cherry Sim 21

Andrea Siedsma loooves her new 5'10" Cherry Sim 21 surfboard. John Cherry is a master craftsman on surfboards and fins, tutoring under some the greats like Terry Martin, Rich Pavel and Richard Kenvin. Cherry's work is more like art. Definitely check him out!

Isurus Wetsuit Review

Anna Santoro from Board Riders Review gives the new Isurus 4-3-4 wetsuit a test surf and gives her take on it. Stay for the bloopers.

Isurus Wetsuits

Rufo from Isurus Wetsuits gives Board Riders Review the 411 on their new line of wetsuits. Super light, warm and flexible, they are coming to a shop near you!

Hotline Wetsuits

Noelle of Hotline shows some of the wetsuits in their line-up. From Santa Cruz, California, they are put to the test at Mavericks and all places in between.

Rip Curl Wetsuits Winter 2010

Flexible, durable and light, Rip Curl makes some of the top wetsuits on the market today.

Quiksilver Wetsuits Winter 2010

It's what 10 time World Champion Kelly wears!