Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Surf Better ~ Fulcrum Surf Studio Tour

Improve your surfing and gain confidence. BoardRidersReview got a quick tour of Fulcrum Surf Studio.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Interview with Fulcrum Surf Studio

Board Riders Review spent some time with Dan Mori, President of Fulcrum Surf Studio. Dan talks about their surf camps and training programs for kids aspiring to be professional surfers.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jeff Clark Reviews His New Carve Board

Joe Gerlach gives Jeff Clark a new Carve Board and talks about future projects as Board Riders Review hangs out.

On It Pro Interview

Board Riders Review checked out On It Pro at the ASR Show in San Diego. We got the info. Now we've got to do some testing. Check out what we found out.

2 Imagine Surfboards Interview

Board Riders Review caught up with Corran Addison at 2 Imagine Surfboards at the ASR Show in San Diego.

Review of Catch Surf 5'6" Y Quad Fish Surfboards

Board Riders Review found Catch Surfboards owner, George Arzente at The Point at San Onofre. He was riding his 5'6" Y Quad Fish and gave us a quick review of how the quad fins and after-burner rear rails helps the board trim down the line and snap at the bottom. Check it out.

Pro Surfer Liz Motshagen of SWEAT Interview

Pro Surfer Liz Motshagen of SWEAT and Pro Surfer Kaitlin Maguire take Board Riders Review on a workout tour at the Donald Takayama Surf Shop in Oceanside,CA and give a few tips on surf training, improving your paddling and getting fit.

Schuyler McFerran talks about Sea Enzyme

Schuyler McFerran Pro Surfer and first ever ASP Womens World Longboard Champion talks to Board Riders Review about Sea Enzyme 24 hour face moisturizer. And how it helps keep her skin moist after surfing.

Interview of Steve Ford of Ford Surfboards

Board Riders Review interviews shaper Steve Ford of Ford Surfboards and meets team rider Wyatt Marre.

Gary Linden Surfboards Interview

Board Riders Review met up with shaper, Gary Linden of Linden Surfboards at the Sacred Craft Show in Del Mar. Talks about his Parabolic stringer surfboards that give enhanced performance and spring back in turns, Concave deck surfboards form to your body great for beach breaks.

Aviso Interview - 5'0" Cole Trunk board

Board Riders Review met up with Nick Hartman and got a quick look at Aviso's 5'0" Cole Trunk Board at the Sacred Craft Show in Del Mar. The Trunk Board was originally created to fit in the trunk of a car in Japan, but took off in the States with local and pro surfers catching waves on it. With the popularity of the Trunk Board, Aviso is bringing out the 5'2" board. Check out the video and see what you think. Then test one out and let us know how it rides.

Review of Wave Grinder Surfboard Fin

Board Riders Review tests out the Wave Grinder Surfboard Fin on our 10'0" Colin McPhilips Longboard.

Review of Matunas Surf Wax

Board Riders Review tests Matunas Surf Wax.

Review of 9'6" Stewart Hydro Hull Surfboard

Mike, a San-O regular, gives his thoughts on how his 9'6" Stewart Hydro Hull Longboard rides.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Interview & Quick Review of 9 Fish Surfboards

Frank Johnson of Fish Surfboards tells us about their quiver of surfboard shapes. Then BRR takes one out to see how well they ride.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

9 Fish Hakama Review

BRR checks out the quick cover wet suit changer by 9 Fish called the Hakama. We tested it to see if it can really keep us covered while we get suited up for surf.

Interview of Rack It for Snowboards (Pt. 2)

Board Riders Review visited Rack It to learn about their rack set ups for snowboards. This is Part 2 of the full interview and time we spent learning about their rack sets. (Part 1 shows more on racks for surfboards.)

Interview of Rack It for Surfboards (Pt. 1)

BRR visited Rack It to check out what they have for surfboards rack. We got a good look at their selection and the different choices they've got for packing surfboards to surf spots. Cool place. Check out the video & see for yourself.