Monday, May 19, 2008

Stewart Hydrohull 9'0"

Really fun versatile board. Paddled better and easier than the Magic. Known as Stewart's best-selling all-around board. For me, it didn't pump as good as the Magic. I wasn't able to throw it around like the Magic. But it felt stable going down the line and had good glide. It's a great board for average to intermediate riders to look at. Good board for San Onofre and faster breaks.

Ratings: 4 out of 5 shakas

Walden Magic Model 9'0"

Conditions: 2-3 ft.

Rider Info: Average skill, 185 lbs. 5'9", 46 yr old male

About the Ride: It was a fun board to ride. It suited my style. I had to work harder than the 9'6" and up to catch waves. Once I caught one, it responded really well. It turned really good. Lots of fun! I was able to pump it from my stand up position. It was better suited for my riding style. But on a really small day, you're gonna want a bigger board. It floated okay. Pushed a little water but still felt good and paddled well.

Ratings: For bigger and faster conditions, I'd give it 4-1/2 shakas out of 5. For smaller, slower conditions, it is still fun but the bigger boards are gonna beat you every time.

Infinity Noserider 9' 6" Polyboard

Conditions: 3-4 ft., slightly choppy, windy conditions, somewhat mushy waves

Board Dimensions: 3 - 3/8" thick, 19" nose, 14" tail, 23" wide, cluster fins (sides 6" x 4"; center 6" x 3-5/8" slight rake)

Rider Info: Average Skill, 185 lbs., 5' 9", 46 yr old male

About the Ride: Paddled good. I was able to get most catchable waves with ease. Once I figured out my foot positions on it, I was able to turn it wherever I wanted. Once I found the sweet spot, I was able to move up and down the wave and it seemed to a have good glide. I was able to hang 5, but not 10. For my first noserider, this one rode pretty good. I couldn't pump like the Walden Magic Model 9'0" or the 9'0" Stewart Hydrohull. I had to slow way down. Turning was a lot slower. But once I got it going down the line, it was great. Slower to turn from the center of the board. But once I started turning it from the tail, it turned great - very predictable.

I was able to knee paddle it pretty easy. Floated really good. Overall it was a fun board to ride. It took about an hour to get used to it. And to get full use out of it, you would have to walk up and down the board. I was able to pump from the center of the board and get up on the nose with a little more confidence, which made it a lot more fun. It makes for a good versatile board for San Onofre and different size conditions.

Rating: 4 Shakas out of 5