Sunday, January 18, 2009

4-Way Fin System Interview

Board Riders Review caught up with 4-Way Fin System at the ASR Show in San Diego. Check out this video about the Adjustable 4-way Fin System.

Xtreme Sports ID Interview

Have you ever had the thought of would anyone know where to look if I got hurt and couldn't call for help? Xtreme Sports ID answers that question. Board Riders Review got the 411 on this 911 helper at the ASR Show in San Diego.

Review of 11'6" Donald Takayama Stand-up Paddle Board

Board Riders Review tries out a stand up paddle board for the first time. The 11'6" Donald Takayama Stand Up Paddle Board was loaned to us by Surftech. If you've ever been interested in surfing a stand up paddle like Laird Hamilton, check out this video before you go and buy.

Surtech Interview on Stand Up Paddling

Board Riders Review interviews Sander Nauenberg of Surftech about their stand up paddle boards. Surftech is sandwich construction, lightweight durable boards.

Scott Bass of Sacred Craft Interview

Board Riders Review caught up with Scott Bass at the Sacred Craft Show in Del Mar. Scott is the organizer of the show that brings surfboard shapers together with surfboard lovers.

9'1" McTavish Original Longboard Review

BRR test rode a 9'1" McTavish Original Longboard, shaped by Australian legend, Bob McTavish. This tuflite surfboard provided by Surf Tech is light and narrow. Check out what BRR has to say about the ride.

Sunny Garcia's Versasurf Review

Board Riders Review met up with Pro Surfer, Sunny Garcia at the ASR Show in San Diego, where he gives props to Versasurf Traction and why he uses it on all of his surfboards.

WaveGrinder Fins Interview

Board Riders Review came across Doug Simpson at the Sacred Craft Show in San Diego and talked with him about his unusual surfboard fins. Doug explains the physics and familiarity of his hydrodynamic creation. Watch for a follow up video of our test rides of the WaveGrinder Fins.

Doc Surfboards Interview

Jeff "Doc" Lausch of Surf Prescriptions gives Board Riders Review an interview about his boards and the perfect quiver. Doc is the shaper for Donavon Frankenreiter, Jay Larson, Chase Newsome, Coco Nogales, Timmy Turner, and Team Brazil. He is the creator of the USO Board and also shapes fish, gun, retro single, xtr epoxy, towboard, and ol school.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shaper, Steve Walden & the Magic Model

Board Riders Review met up with shaper Steve Walden of Walden Surfboards at the Sacred Craft Show in San Diego. Steve, the Father of the Modern longboard, talks about his most popular surfboard, the Magic Model. He tells how it is designed to be versatile for the majority of surf conditions. Steve is also well known for being the World Record holder for the longest noseride.

Shaper, Rich Landerer of Rickland Surfboards, Part 2

In Part 2 of 2 videos, surfboard shaper Rich Landerer talks with Board Riders Review about how he customizes his surfboards to match the skills and surf conditions of the riders. Rickland Surfboards specializes in custom design boards for Southern California surf as well as traveling boards.

Shaper, Rich Landerer of Rickland Surfboards - Part 1

In Part 1 of 2 videos, BRR met up with shaper Rich Landerer of Rickland Surfboards. Rich talks about where he gets his inspiration for the shapes of some of his surfboards and how they respond to So-Cal surf conditions. Be sure to catch Part 2.