Tuesday, May 10, 2011

G&S 5'10 Stump

Isaac Wood, team rider for G&S Surfboards talks about his new model, the "Stump" surfboard that is in the G&S Surfboards lineup. Board Riders Review had a chance to ride it and it was a blast! Definitely check them out.

G&S 10'0 Log

The new Isaac Wood longboard model called the Log is at a shop near you. Team rider for Gordon and Smith Surfboards, Isaac is creating some really good surfboards that are easy to ride and specific to what you looking for in a board. Board Riders Review got a chance to ride it and it performed as advertised.

Surf Kaddy

If you hate wearing booties but love warm feet, then Surf Kaddy is for you. Surf Kaddy also has pockets to carry all that stuff you forget when you need it the most, like wax, fin keys, sunscreen, screwdrivers and any other essentials you need at the beach, Check them out!

G&S Surfboards

Gordon and Smith Surfboards is making a comeback!. Check out this vid with Aaron Jameson of G&S and team rider Isaac Wood as they talk about some their new and redesigned surfboards. Board Riders Review had a blast riding all models they brought down to the surf, we surfed till we dropped! Thanks guys! Check them out for sure!

Ward Coffey Shapes

Winner of the recent Tribute to the Masters shape-off held in Santa Cruz. Board Riders Review got an interview with Ward before it was announced. The competition was stiff honoring another Santa Cruz shaper, Doug Haut. Congrats to Ward Coffey!

Surf Boards by Michel Junod

Board Riders Review got a quick interview with Legendary Shaper/Surfer Michel Junod at a recent Sacred Craft show in Santa Cruz,Ca. One of the coolest cats we have ever met, Michel is the epitomy of "Surf Cool" cause he's " Been there, done that" (Also, a really awesome shaper)

Natural Curves Surfboards

Steve Coletta, of Santa Cruz has been shaping surfboards for over forty years. Board Riders Review dropped by his booth for a quick interview at a recent Sacred Craft show.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Doug Haut Surfboards

Doug Haut, Santa Cruz surfer/shaper has been shaping for over 50 years. Shaping everything from shortboards, hybrids, longboards, SUP's, windsurfers and customs, Doug has been at the epicenter of surfing and building surfboards for a long time, meaning he is pretty good at both! Board Riders Review was lucky to get a moment (he was mobbed the whole show) with the Santa Cruz Legend at a recent Sacred Craft show dedicated to and honoring his legacy in the surfing world. Check it out.

Soma Board Bags

Soma Air Bag Designs are probably the safest surfboard bags on the market today! As you see in the video, no conventional bag would protect your surfboard(s) like a Soma. Great for traveling or going local, its the best way to care for your stick! Check out their website for some insane abuse they give their board bags.

Quiver Kaddy Review

Board Riders Review test drives the Quiver Kaddy Surfboard Trailer. A super cool way to haul your boards to the surf and save your gas money for that next board you have been eyeballing. Light , compactable and able to carry up to four surfboards (five if you squeeze em) or two SUPs or any other watercraft you may have. Go get one!

5' 9" Von Sol Shadow

Board Riders Review gets to ride the 5'9" Von Sol Shadow. A real user friendly surfboard designed by Sean Mattison takes the the good qualities of a fish and gives it a narrower rounded tail Making it super versatile. The Boardworks version is great for travel and taking abuse.

9' 8" Bing Elevator

Test ride on a 9'8" Bing "Elevator" Subtle tail rocker for easy turning, a step deck with a mild concave for great for noseriding, Shaper Matt Calvani and team rider, Chris Del Morro put together a great board . If you want to add some grace and style to your surfing, then definitely give this board a try.

Turbo Tunnel Fins

eam rider Shane Jones gives Board Riders Review a quick look at Turbo Tunnel Fins.