Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Natural Quantum Energy Band

If you want to take a quantum leap in your surfing or anything else you do, then check this out! Board Riders Review team rider Sean Bacon tests the Natural Quantum Energy Band and gives it a thumbs up. Tested against Power Balance, C-Prime, EFX, and Grounded, it was pretty evident that they didn't even come close to working, especially in UV conditions or outside. Go get a bunch now and feel the Tesla power!

Meyerhoffer 5'8 Pill

Board Riders Review gets on the the Pill. Test rider Sean puts this Meyerhoffer surfboard through its paces on a small crappy day and it worked really well! Board paddled really well, caught waves easy and performed similar to a shortboard. Great board to have when surf is small yet works well overhead conditions.

Becker Surfboards "San Onofre 9'8"

Becker Surfboards has a great line up of longboards. From loggy noseriders to high performance 2 plus 1"s. Board Riders Review got lucky and snuck one out of the shop and got some tip time on!! Check them out. Yew!

Surf Prescriptions "Buddy X"

Doc Lausch has a surfboard for every ailment you may have. This "Buddy X" Surf Prescriptions is the perfect cure for my heavy front foot! So if you are a skater or a snowboarder who tends to push the nose and bury rails the Buddy X is the perfect medicine to cure that! Check out Docs boards and unleash your surfing!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

7'3" Loveboat Hydroflex

Test rider Suzie takes the Loveboat by Hydroflex for a spin. Easy to paddle, turn and noseride, this is a great alternative to a conventional 9'0. Shaped by Surfer/Shaper Bufo Brauers with a proprietary technology all his models we have ridden, last way longer, are user friendly and perform very well in any type of surf. Check them out!

5'5" Hydroflex Boogie Fish

One of the funnest boards we have set our wet feet on! Tons of volume for its size, it catches anything that comes your way whether small or overhead it will handle it all. Designed by Bufo Brauers at Hydroflex Technologies, This little Boogie Fish rocks!

Dewey Weber Planer

Dewey Weber Surfboards have been around for a long time cause they work. Check out what team rider Chris Thompson says about his Planer.

Plus One Surfboards "Dart"

Plus One is making some of the best High Performance surfboards on the market that the 99% can surf and have a great time. Shaper/Surfer master George Gall explains the new "Dart".

FCS Fins

Jeremy of FCS Fins quickly schools Board Riders Review on their fins and the importance they play in your surfing. So listen up! try some fins and shred!

Christenson Surfboards

Chris Christenson makes some of the best big wave surfboards in the world. Ridden on the gnarliest waves by guys like Greg Long, Mark Healey, Ian Walsh, they work. The rest of his line up from longboards to grovely shortboards work as well. Check him out.

Brink Surfboards

Donald Brink designs some of the coolest Hulls around. From short to long the craftsmanship is top notch. Check out the vid and see some of the Asymmetrical Hulls by Brink and listen to his take on catching more waves and thus having more fun.