Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Surf Training with EZIA Human Performance

Board Riders Review stops in at EZIA's Grand Opening before it got to crazy, and got a chance to talk with Isaiah about what they do in their brand new physical and extreme sports training facility. We saw some demonstrations and met most of the talented and dedicated crew. Go in and get a free physical analysis and get on the road to improving your surfing.

San Diego Surf Ladies

Ladies who love to surf! San Diego Surf Ladies talks to Board Riders Review about their women specific club for surfing. From fitnes,surf lessons, surfing analysis to having alot of fun SDSL is doing it right. Check them out and join now.

Dane Reynolds Dumpster Diver

Hot out of the Oven! John at Surf Ride shows Board Riders Review the new Channel Islands Dumpster Diver by Dane Reynolds. Made for grovely surf, they're fat, ugly and fast! Very hard to get and custom order only. Surf Ride got their hands on a few but they are flying out the door fast.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kelly Slater Wizard Sleeve Surfboard

Brian is stoked on his 5'6" Wizard Sleeve surfboard designed by 9 time World Champ Kelly Slater. Super fun and versatile this limited edition surfboard is flying off the racks and into the water. We caught a surf session with Brian on a medium sized day and it performed as advertised!

KG Orca Fish by Boardworks

Board Riders Review rides the Kane Garden 7'6" Orca Fish. This super tough epoxy surfboard by Boardworks works so well in any surf, "you can fit more manuevers per wave, it raises your fun factor exponentially" says Lorenzo. Great step down board for longboarders, but also a great step up for someone looking for more float with out losing maneuverability.

Hot Jugz - Portable Shower

Kim shows us her Hot Jugz Sport Shower. A great way to rinse off or shower after a surf session. Holds 2 gallons, made of super tough plastic, it stays warm for 6 hours and is compact and super easy to use.

Trunq Surf Utility Box

TheTrunq box is a great way to organize all you surf goodies, easily portable and made to last (you can even stand on it), it fits your wax, fins, solarez, leashes, wetsuits, sunscreen etc,etc all in one place. Whether in your car or garage you always know where your stuff is!

Surfy Surfy

Surfy Surfy is opening a new shop in Leucadia with classic, collector surfboards.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cinch Sac - Wetsuit Changing Mat

Cinch Sac is a great product to help keep mud, sand, oil, and parking lot grime off your wetsuit while changing out of it. and transporting it. A super simple idea that actually works better than advertised. Made out of water proof fabric, you can set it on your seats and it wont soak thru. Cinch Sac gets a major shaka from Board Riders Review. Way to go Lisa!

6' 4" Maurice Cole Pro Tow

6'4" Maurice Cole Pro Tow. Lorenzo from Board Riders Review was pretty stoked on this board. The steeper and faster the waves got, the better the Prowtow performed. Built for speed, its a great travel board for those surprise swells. It wont leave you under gunned.

Learn How to Surf: Radical Surf Company

Pro Surfer Troy Mothershead schooled us on the Radical Surf Company boat.
Owner, Fish takes Board Riders Review along with a couple of first timers who stood up the first try. "It was like the longest wave ever and easier than I though" said Christina from Spain. Everyone had a blast!

Board Buddy Surfboard Carrier Aid

Board Riders Review catches Tammy using a cool product for those that a vertically challenged. Makes life alot easier carring your surfboard. "Very handy, its like having a longer arm" says Tammy as she gives us a quick demo on how it works.

Burton Snowboards

Jeff, representing Burton snowboards shows Board Riders Review their new line up of different cambered boards, also new binding and boot for this season. Can't wait to ride Burtons new stuff. They will be doing, on mountain demos through out the season. So check out their website for dates and hit them up.

Sun and Sandbag

Check out this cool Backpack / Towel. This big towel comes complete with shoulder straps and pockets, its a great way to stash your stuff at the beach and travel light.