Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coral Reef Wetsuits Interview

Shane Jones of Coral Reef Wetsuits talks with Board Riders Review about their longstanding, quality wetsuits.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Swell Stuff Interview

Lisa Hetman of Swell Stuff invites Board Riders Review to visit her shop. She gives us a personal tour of her wetsuit repair shop. For any kind of wetsuit repair or alteration, Lisa's got the skills to do the job right and make your suit fit like a glove.

Allan Gibbons 5'10" Reflex

Board Riders Review test rides a 5'10" Reflex by Allan Gibbons. Ghost shaper for Al Merrick at Channel Islands, Allan shaped boards in the era of Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, and Dane Reynolds and is now working under his own label in Santa Barbara. Thanks to JP at Surfy Surfy we got a chance to sneak it out for a few days.

Interview with Pendoflex

Board Riders Review visits Steve and Cher Pendarvis, the artists behind Pendoflex Surfboards. Steve tells all about his inspiration for his unique surfboard design. His wife, Cher, accomplished writer, photographer, and artist, shows her artistic flair. Enjoy!

Pendoflex Test Ride

Board Riders Review test rides a quiver of Pendoflex surfboards. Designed and shaped by Steve Pendarvis, these boards really bring a new dimension to surfing. Be sure to check them out.

Colin McPhillips Sups by Hobie

Hobie team rider, Colin McPhillips shows his signature model SUPs. Shaped by Mark Johnson at Hobie these Stand Up Paddleboards are fast, light and super manuverable in the surf.

Firewire Sweet Potato

Chuey Reyna gives us the scoop on the new Sweet Potato Surfboard from Firewire. Super fun for those smaller days or if you just want to get off your longboard and feel young again, then definitely try the Sweet Potato!

Enjoy Handplanes

Board Riders Review interviews Ed Lewis of Enjoy Handplanes. Ed is doing his part by taking old surfboards and turning them into super fun handplanes for body surfing. A great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Monday, April 18, 2011

High Cascade Snowboard Camp

Sounds like a really great place to hone your snowboarding skills or learn some new tricks. They are an all-inclusive 8-day summer snowboard camp determined to show you the best time of your life. Thanks to Mt. Hood's glacier and massive winter snowfalls we are able to snowboard all summer long. They offer 6 sessions each summer and our staff of over 100 are some of the finest humans you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Docs Pro Plugs The Ultimate Ear Protection

Doc's Proplugs is the only earplug that protects the ears from surfer's ear by keeping a warm pocket of air in the canal and keeping cold water out without impeding hearing and balance. "Doc's Proplugs are crucial for surfing. I've been using them for 10 years and I never go into the water without them. Without Proplugs you will develop surfers ear and then need your ears to be drilled." - (pro-surfer) Jason 'Ratboy' Collins

Surf More XM

Tired of your kook cord (leash) wrapping itself around your leg, foot or toes and ruining the wave of the day? Then Surf More XM leashes are the way to go. They also make killer traction pads, board bags and more. Check them out!

Surf Shades

Sunglasses for all your watersports. If your eyes are getting thrashed by the sun but you still want to surf when the sun is blaring in your eyes, then try Surf Shades. Much cheaper and less painful than getting new eyeballs!

Surf Nano Products

Big wave charger Darrick Doerner digs it! " It takes me places I haven't been before"! The "Board Enhancer" is a clear, hydrophobic coating that when applied to the underside and rails of a surfboard and allowed to cure, creates a water repellent surface which reduces drag, increases board speed, and increases quickness in the turns. As Double D says "Try it"!

Blair Surfboards

Having shaped for over 40 years under names like Dick Brewer, Gerry Lopez, Xanadu, Joe Blair has created his own collection of fast and furious longboard and shortboard shapes. And now stand up paddleboards (SUPs). We've ridden a few of his boards and they are all super fun and super fast!

Slider Magazine Photo Art

Jay Golien of Slider Magazine displayed his Surf / Lifestyle photographic art at the Center for a Healthy Living. Passionate about Surfing and Photography, Jay is one of the coolest cats I have ever met, both in and out of the water. He has a great eye and captures some of the most soulful images. Definitely check his work out, you may be in it!