Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Billabong Wetsuits Winter 2010

Billabong makes the lightest wetsuit in the world!! This high tech wettie is super stretchy and also has a water repelling fabric on the outside of suit that dries quickly . " just shake it dry and your good to go!"

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

O'Neill Wetsuits Winter 2010

O'Neill goes psycho! on their winter suits. John Hunter from O'Neill explains features of their new line-up of winter wetsuits.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tiki Waxx Review

Travis of Board Riders Review gives two thumbs up for Tiki Waxx after a 4 hour surf session. Never lost his grip. Critical when you get into those punchy waves to mushy shore break. Get Tiki on your stick.

Surf Storage Solutions

Tired of tripping over your surfboards or watching them slide down the wall on to the edge of an end table? Then check out Surfboard Storage Solutions. Aluminum racks for any size surfboard or SUP. Hand made in San Diego, USA.
"Very clean and strong" says Board Riders Review.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Solar Panel Surfboard

What a cool concept! If you are a traveling surfer, this is a great way to keep your phone, cameras, radios, etc charged up without using batteries. Especially if you're out in the middle of nowhere. From the creative minds at Coral Reef and presented to you by Board Riders Review.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Surfers & Shapers Come Out at Night

Coral Reef Wetsuits

Pro Surfer Jesse Timm goes to Coral Reef to get his custom wetsuit made, while Board Riders Review tags along. And we find surf legend LJ Richards hanging out as well. Coral Reef wetsuits are made in California and are guaranteed to last longer than anyone else's. But don't take their word for it. Try them out for yourself.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zuumer Surfer

Super fun and ECO friendly way to hit the surf or run your daily errands, Feels like a mix of skating and surfing. Able go 20 mph, you can just drive around any traffic jam and park in any full parking lot!


Sand Gone is a dry body powder that, when applied to sand covered skin, removes the sand and leaves the skin soft and smooth while feeling fresh and clean. We tried it and liked it!

Shurelock Key Safe

Great for surfers or any other outdoor sports! Keeps your car safe and your key dry. Simple to use and a good investment for peace of mind. No more hiding the key in the wheel well! Board Riders Review tested and approved.

Otis Surfboards

Retired Firefighter and long time surfer, Otis Sistrunk is shaping some super fun noseriders. He also make SUPs, Give him a buzz, he has a special for firemen called the 911 in memory of those lost in New York on 9/11/01

5'9" Pendoflex Quad

Justin tells Board Riders Review about his Pendo Flex Quad Fish. From reef breaks to beach womp, this board works!

Pendoflex Surfboards

Steve Pendarvis of Pendo Flex Surfboards tells Board Riders Review how his boards work. Designed to pump on a wave, tapping the waves energy creating speed and lots of fun, Pendo Flex surfboards may be just what you need!

Solarez Ding Repair

Gary Fisher, creater of Solarez has been make surfers lives much easier and less expensive with his products. From surfboard to wetsuit repair, Solarez comes in travel size packs to keep you in the water longer. Check out their product line.

Pleasure Ground Eyewear

It's very important to protect your eyes from the sun and the elements and still look cool! Pleasure Ground Eyewear is a stylish line of polarized sunglasses that are high quality, have a great price point and have a great selection to choose from.
Check them out.

Victory Koredry

Marc Spitaleri President of Victory KoreDry, gives Board Riders Review a quick glance of their KoreDry Surf Shirts for all watersports. Designed to keep you warm, dry and protected from the sun KoreDry is the only company that has this crazy comfortable hybrid material that keeps you in the water longer! Check them out.

Gyst Concept Surf Changing Packs

Dominique Aris, founder of Gyst Concept shows Board Riders Review his new creation of transition bags and changing packs. Whether your a surfer, triathelete, or just want a cool functional bag, Gyst is innovative and the highest quality bag we have seen. Be sure and check them out!

EFX Performance

Randy Largent, President of EFX Performance, allows Board Riders Review into their facilities and talks about his products that increase Balance, Strength, Flexibility and Endurance. Using the latest technology of algorithms and frequencies that effectively tune the body. If you're an athlete and want to take your game to the next level, then check them out!


Kimi tells Board Riders Review how she keeps her Surfboard safe from theft, scratches, dings or from flying out the back of her truck. Made by Dabco, the Gatekeeper is a great investment for your prized stick. Get one today!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

EFX Balance Performance

Raquel tells Board Riders Review about her first surf session with EFX Performance bands.


Chez Foster, founder of Hypnosurf is a genius! If you want to take your surfing to the Quantum level, try his creation. Chez sent Board Riders Review a hard copy of Hypnosurf and we have been trying to disprove it ever since, the weird thing is that our surfing is best its ever been! Hmmm.

Elysia from Si-Boards

Board Riders Review decided to test Elysia from Si-Boards, balance by throwing her on a SUP. Never been on one and in less than five minutes she was doing yoga poses and other contortions on the boards! A testament that her balance boards rock! Literally.

Buccaneer Board Riders

BBR shows Board Riders Review their new line of surf trunks that rival the top big names in the industry, In quality , performance and especially price. these shorts use the latest stretch materials on the market today , And at a very affordable price. Get a pair now.


Tikiwaxx shows Board Riders Review their line of super sticky surfboard wax and their clever wax combs. Check them out.

Mike Hynson's Magic Carpet

Mike Hynson is shaping a new surfboard called the "Magic Carpet". Watch as Norcal ripper, Travis Gianni takes the 5'2" for its maiden voyage. Board Riders Review was there to catch the action! They come in any size you want. "They truly are magic".

Kristy Murphy's Siren Surf Adventures

Kristy Murphy's Siren Surf Adventures sound so cool! Ahhh, the Surf, warm water, the great food and cerveza(s)... Board Riders Review was ready to go after this interview. We were salivating! What a great crew to hang out with! If you're dreaming of getting away from work and hustle and bustle, definitely hit her up. You'll have a trip to remember for ever!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bufo Hydroflex Technology

With the assistance of Erik Baldwin, Board Riders Review was able to get past the armed guards and the German high tech alarms to get a behind the scenes tour of Hydroflex Technologies. Tour guide and German technologist, Bufo gives Board Riders Review a taste of what's going on in their facility. Their innovation brings a whole new level to surfboards. More to come...

Sticky Bumps 2010 Leashes and Traction Pads

Erik Baldwin shows Board Riders Review the 2010 Sticky Bumps Leashes in standard colors and "Day Glo" (available in 6 eye watering colors) and signature series Trac Pads. Great new colors and always high quality, a must for your stick.

Firewire Taj Model

Travis Gianni gives Board Riders Review his view of the Firewire Taj Model. Travis enjoys airs, hacks and long walks on the beach.

Catch Surf 6'0 Y Quad

Craig Midili tells Board Riders Review about his Catch Surf Y Quad. Seen him ripping out in the water and catching aloooot of waves!!

Liquid Shredder SUP's

Rick at Liquid Shredder gives Board Riders Review a peek at their line of Soft Stand Up Paddleboards. Available in four different sizes, they're a great way to go if you are just learning or have as a back up boards for friends and family. Designed to withstand some abuse they are alot softer when you wack yourself or others with them. Be sure and check them out.

Liquid Shredder 9'0 & 10'

Patti from Board Riders Review gives us her thoughts on the Liquid Shredder SUP's
Super unique, they have smooth vinyl like outer skin over a foam core with a drain plug, they are super light and the 9'0 is 35" wide!
Super fun to ride!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

C4 Inflatable SUP from Boardworks

Patti from Board Riders Review gives the I SUP a test ride. The C4 Waterman is an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board that can go with you anywhere, takes a beating and you can even keep it in your Dorm room. Fits in the trunk or back seat of your ride. Just add water and you're good to go! Check them out.

C4 Inflatable SUP from Boardworks from Board Riders Review on Vimeo.

Toes On The Nose Project "Second Wind"

Pro surfer/shaper Jesse Timm and Board Riders Review visit Toes On The Nose. Check out their project "Second Wind" that gives old used sails and rope, that would otherwise end up in landfills, a second chance in the form of shorts, bags and other cool goodies. Way to go TOES!

Toes On The Nose Project "Second Wind" from Board Riders Review on Vimeo.

Sticky Bumps Factory Tour

John Dahl, Owner of Sticky Bumps Wax gives Pro surfer/shaper Jesse Timm and Board Riders Review a tour of Sticky's facilities. "Never new so much work went into making a bar of wax!" says Jesse. "Now I really appreciate the wax I put on my boards"!

Sticky Bumps Factory Tour from Board Riders Review on Vimeo.

Sticky Bumps 2010 Line Up

Shelly from Wax Research shows off the 2010 Sticky Bumps Line Up.

2010 Sticky Bumps Line Up. from Board Riders Review on Vimeo.

Quiver Boardworks

Aaron Astorga of Quiver Boardworks gives Board Riders Review a quick peek of their new Surf Shop in North County. We met the man, (owner) Chhris Dougherty and veteran shaper Tom "Nezzy Nesbit. "By surfers, for Surfers" they definitely have some killer boards at great prices! Be sure and check them and order a stick or two.

Quiver Boardworks from Board Riders Review on Vimeo.

Dawn Patrol Surf School

Brent Stephens tells Board Riders Review about Dawn Patrol Surf and various other programs he offers to take your surfing to the next level.

Dawn Patrol Surf School from Board Riders Review on Vimeo.

Nirvana Surfboards

Erik Baldwin gives Board Riders Review a quick tour of Nirvana Surfboards. Located in Cardiff, Ca. Nirvana started in the outskirts of Sydney, Australia over 40 years ago and has deep roots in the surf world. Always innovating, Nirvana has a great selection of Surfboards and accessories to choose from. Check them out online or swing by their shop and just hang out.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Concept Specialty Board Shop

Brent Stephens from Concept Specialty Board Shop in Encinitas, gives Board Riders Review a quick tour of his super cool shop. Concept gives you the opportunity to test out a great selection of high performance surfboards before you buy. Brent also has rentals for beginners and has a crew that give surf lessons. So if you are visiting and need a board, swing on by and check Concept out.

Pluey's Synergy Eco Surfboards

Pro surfer Paul Pugliesi and Synergy Surfboards are on the cusp of making history with the worlds most ECO friendly competition surfboards. Really cool to see a company like Synergy Surfboards leading the charge on leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the planet. "Best board I have ever ridden" say's Paul "and its non toxic! Check them out for sure.

Ford Tests a KG SUP

Surfer/shaper Steve Ford has been shaping surfboards for some of the top brands in the world. As a surfer, Steve knows what shapes work in the water and how, and is now bringing that edge to the SUP world. "I like my SUPs to perform" says Ford. If you look close you will see shortboard outlines on this SUP. Stay tuned for more cool, cutting edge stuff coming from Steve.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Steve Ford Tests "Top Secret" surfboard

Surfer/Shaper Steve Ford gives Board Riders Review a small peek at the secret "Bufo Hydroflex" surfboard. This new technology comes from a German surfer / engineer. Super light and tough the stringerless Bufo has adjustable flex and should be hitting the states very soon. Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jesse Timm Interview

Board Riders Review gets up close and personal with professional surfer and shaper, Jesse Timm on a winter morning at the Scripps Institute Pier in La Jolla. He talks to board stringer Andrea about his shaping inspiration to his board quiver. We even get the scoop on what most people don't know about him.

Jesse "Trim" Timm Interview from Board Riders Review on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Transcendental Memories of a Surf Rebel

Andrea from Board Riders Review sits down and talks with Legendary Surfer / Shaper Mike Hynson and Co-author Donna Klaasen Jost of Endless Dreams Publishing about what it was like to write their new book "Transcendental Memories of a Surf Rebel"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

20 Minutes with Mike Hynson

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! Andrea from Board Riders Review drops in on Mike Hynson and gets the down the line scoop on his new book "Transcendental Memories of a Surf Rebel", his latest board creation "The White Knight", and Mike's take on the surf world.

20 Minutes with Mike Hynson from Board Riders Review on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Upcoming interview with Legendary Surfer and Shaper Mike Hynson

Andrea from Board Riders Review goes in-depth with Endless Summer's co star Mike Hynson. MIke shares with Andrea, his new book -"Trancendental Memories of a Surf Rebel" a must read! Also talks fins, golf, movies, his new line of surfboards dubbed the" White Knight" and many more things he has got coming. So stay tuned to Board Riders for the full interverview, coming soon!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mike Hynson's White Knight

Exclusive! Hot off Mike Hynsons shaping bay. Lorenzo from Board Riders Review got to ride the new "White Knight" by Hynson Surfboards. It is 1 of 3 different "White Knight" designs that are to be released in the very near future. I felt like I was wearing socks on a slippery floor! Lorenzo says, It reacted so fast and smooth that it seemed as if the board was not there, and I could do so many maneuvers on a wave. It was incredible! Can't wait to ride the others!

9' 7" Gato Heroi Playdate Surfboard

Board Riders Review checks out Alex's 9'7" Gato Heroi Playdate. Sharp rails narrow tail makes this a super fun board to ride.

Point Concept Dreadnought Surfboards

Alex descriibes his Dreadnought to Board Riders Review. Super knifey rails and very flat gives this board great glide.

RAT Surfboards

Board Riders Review catches Scott after a surf session on his custom surfboard by RAT Surfboards. We saw him ripping some 5-6 footers and decided to see what he was riding.

Master Lock - Key Safe

Master Lock. Key Safe is a great way to secure your key while you go surf, skate, or any other sport. Yeah most wetsuits have key pockets, However, most keys are a key FOB or have a chip imbedded in them with a battery, And hate water. I have heard many first hand stories of guys setting their keys on the tire or under the bumper whilst they surf only to find their vehicle gone or vandalized. The Key Safe is a cheap way to keep your stuff safe.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Surf Training with EZIA Human Performance

Board Riders Review stops in at EZIA's Grand Opening before it got to crazy, and got a chance to talk with Isaiah about what they do in their brand new physical and extreme sports training facility. We saw some demonstrations and met most of the talented and dedicated crew. Go in and get a free physical analysis and get on the road to improving your surfing.

San Diego Surf Ladies

Ladies who love to surf! San Diego Surf Ladies talks to Board Riders Review about their women specific club for surfing. From fitnes,surf lessons, surfing analysis to having alot of fun SDSL is doing it right. Check them out and join now.

Dane Reynolds Dumpster Diver

Hot out of the Oven! John at Surf Ride shows Board Riders Review the new Channel Islands Dumpster Diver by Dane Reynolds. Made for grovely surf, they're fat, ugly and fast! Very hard to get and custom order only. Surf Ride got their hands on a few but they are flying out the door fast.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kelly Slater Wizard Sleeve Surfboard

Brian is stoked on his 5'6" Wizard Sleeve surfboard designed by 9 time World Champ Kelly Slater. Super fun and versatile this limited edition surfboard is flying off the racks and into the water. We caught a surf session with Brian on a medium sized day and it performed as advertised!

KG Orca Fish by Boardworks

Board Riders Review rides the Kane Garden 7'6" Orca Fish. This super tough epoxy surfboard by Boardworks works so well in any surf, "you can fit more manuevers per wave, it raises your fun factor exponentially" says Lorenzo. Great step down board for longboarders, but also a great step up for someone looking for more float with out losing maneuverability.

Hot Jugz - Portable Shower

Kim shows us her Hot Jugz Sport Shower. A great way to rinse off or shower after a surf session. Holds 2 gallons, made of super tough plastic, it stays warm for 6 hours and is compact and super easy to use.

Trunq Surf Utility Box

TheTrunq box is a great way to organize all you surf goodies, easily portable and made to last (you can even stand on it), it fits your wax, fins, solarez, leashes, wetsuits, sunscreen etc,etc all in one place. Whether in your car or garage you always know where your stuff is!

Surfy Surfy

Surfy Surfy is opening a new shop in Leucadia with classic, collector surfboards.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cinch Sac - Wetsuit Changing Mat

Cinch Sac is a great product to help keep mud, sand, oil, and parking lot grime off your wetsuit while changing out of it. and transporting it. A super simple idea that actually works better than advertised. Made out of water proof fabric, you can set it on your seats and it wont soak thru. Cinch Sac gets a major shaka from Board Riders Review. Way to go Lisa!

6' 4" Maurice Cole Pro Tow

6'4" Maurice Cole Pro Tow. Lorenzo from Board Riders Review was pretty stoked on this board. The steeper and faster the waves got, the better the Prowtow performed. Built for speed, its a great travel board for those surprise swells. It wont leave you under gunned.

Learn How to Surf: Radical Surf Company

Pro Surfer Troy Mothershead schooled us on the Radical Surf Company boat.
Owner, Fish takes Board Riders Review along with a couple of first timers who stood up the first try. "It was like the longest wave ever and easier than I though" said Christina from Spain. Everyone had a blast!

Board Buddy Surfboard Carrier Aid

Board Riders Review catches Tammy using a cool product for those that a vertically challenged. Makes life alot easier carring your surfboard. "Very handy, its like having a longer arm" says Tammy as she gives us a quick demo on how it works.

Burton Snowboards

Jeff, representing Burton snowboards shows Board Riders Review their new line up of different cambered boards, also new binding and boot for this season. Can't wait to ride Burtons new stuff. They will be doing, on mountain demos through out the season. So check out their website for dates and hit them up.

Sun and Sandbag

Check out this cool Backpack / Towel. This big towel comes complete with shoulder straps and pockets, its a great way to stash your stuff at the beach and travel light.