Sunday, November 23, 2008

Review of 9'4" Bing Noserider-2 Surfboard

BRR met up with Gio of Italy on a 20 day holiday, surfing his 9'4" Bing Noserider 2 Surfboard at San Onofre. He tells us a little bit about what he likes about it.

Testing out Power Balance for Ourselves

We tested out Power Balance to see if it really does create more balance while surfing. Check out this video to see what we found out.

Review with Indo Board

We met up with the Chip, VP of IndoBoards to check out what IndoBoards are all about. They seem like a good product to improve balance and posture and great for fitness training. Whether they improve your surfing is still to be seen. But it makes sense that it probably does. If you are an IndoBoard user and you have a testimonial on whether or not they improve your boarding, let Board Riders Review know.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Review with Line-At-Sano

Line-At-Sano is a service for those of us surfers who go to SanO. Board Riders Review happened to catch up with them in the line up. Check out this video on this seasonal service.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Review of Versasurf Traction - Part 2

Jared, member of the Hawaiian Surf Club, talks to Board Riders Review about Versasurf Traction. Check out this video and see what he has to say about his waxless surfboard.

Testing out Versasurf Traction for Ourselves

We got a chance to test out the Versasurf Traction for ourselves to see if sticking is believing. Not only was the traction there when we needed it, it also didn't weigh down the board.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Review of Ear Saver

Tim Bessell shares his favorite ear saving product, Ear Saver, with Board Riders Review. For swimmers ear, surfers ear, or water on the brain (just kidding), Tim says Ear Saver is the product to use.

Review with Bing Surfboards Shaper Matt Calvani

Board Riders Review caught up with Bing shaper Matt Calvani at San Onofre. Watch this video as he talks about some of his surfboards and his thoughts on the industry and how he helps customers select the board for their skill level.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Review of 9'3" Hobie Surfboard

Checks out this review of a 9'3" Hobie Longboard shaped by Terry Martin as surfer Michelle tells what she likes about it and her Donald Takayama Noserider Fin and surfing in general. She even shows us how she walks to the nose.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Review of Ellis Snowboards

Board Riders Review got a quick look at Ellis Snowboards at Hot Dawgs and Handrails. Looking forward to a demo review of their boards. Check out this video to see what they've got to offer.

Review of Flow Snowboards

Board Riders Review caught up with Flow Snowboards at Hot Dawgs and Handrails at Bear Mountain. We only got a shot of their bindings. Maybe we'll get a chance to get some demos in on their snowboards this season.

Review of B4BC

Board Riders Review talks with Blair of Boarding 4 Breast Cancer to find out what their angle is and how they got started. Check out this video. It could save your life!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Review of Go211

Board Riders Review sits with Chris Cleary, founder of Go211 at the US Open Surf Contest in Huntington Beach. Chris talks about his vision for his action sports social site.

Review of Versasurf Traction

Why wax your surfboard when there's Versasurf? Board Riders Review got the shop tour of Versasurf and how they work their magic to create a waxless traction surfboard. Pro-surfers Sunny Garcia and Joe Aaron are some of their top riders.