Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to repair inflatable Stand up paddleboard (SUP)

Board Riders Review shows how to repair your inflatable SUP. The total set up, repair and clean up took about half hour and was very simple and basic. The Shubu was back in the water the next morning and the patch job was a success.

Dane Reynolds Neckbeard

Channel Islands team rider, Dane Reynolds creates the new Neckbeard. The latest board he is ripping on. Board Riders Review gets a quick peek at a recent Surf Ride demo.

Taylor Knox Dagger

WCT surfer Taylor Knox's new model is out. The "Dagger" made by Channel Islands is coming to a shop near you!

CJ Nelson and The Meadow

Legendary surfer, CJ Nelson talks to Board Riders Review about "The Meadow" A collaboration of a deep pool of shaping talent and surfers from Santa Cruz, California they produce some the highest quality, innovative surfboards on the market today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Black Star Surfboards

Marco Foreman talks about a new line of surfboards called Black Star out of Santa Cruz , California. Formerly know as M10, these boards are pure white, high performance surfboards that may take you to the next level of ripping!

Neto Grip Madnetic Stick

A new way to stick to your boards. Whether you surf, wakeboard, kiteboard Neto Grip's new system will keep you attached to your board safely. Check it out.

3D GoPro Camera

Justin from GoPro shows Board Riders Review the new 3D set up. Super compact, affordable and easy to use, these GoPros let you capture your "Hero" moments to show the world!

Andreini Surfboards

Long time Santa Cruz shaper, Marc Andreini talks about his influences and his designs on hull style surfboards. From longboards, cross country boards to shortboards, Marc has made a name for himself in the surfboard world.

Noe Surfboards

Santa Cruz, surfer / shaper Buck Noe literally has surfing and shaping in his blood. Groomed by some of the best in the world, while in utero, it's no wonder he is so passionate about shaping and surfing. Check out the vid and learn why he is so F'd up!

Xanadu Surf Designs

Board Riders Review gets a brief moment with Xanadu. A respected shaper for 36 years, Xanadu has travelled and shaped all around the world and his surfboard designs are ridden by some of the best surfers in the world. Lisa Anderson won two World Titles on Xanadu's and Brian Conely is getting sick barrels on them as well! Check em out.

G&S 9'0 Chip

Isaac Wood talks about his new G&S longboards called the "Chip".