Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nubster Fin aka The Guitar Pick

Sean Mattison talks about his Nubster Fin aka The Guitar Pick that he sent Kelly Slater for the Quiksilver Pro New York and also used at the Ripcurl Portugal contest. Sean personally wave tests and develops all his surfboards and fins to increase a surfers level of fun and performance. Sean rips in the surf, so when 10 time world champion Kelly Slater uses your product, chances are that it works pretty good!

Surf Snack

Board Riders Review interviews Surf Snack about their healthy & eco-conscious snack bar that keeps those hunger pains away and keeps you in the water longer. Daniel rips in the surf most likely cause he is spending more time surfing and less time eating breakfast burritos!


Board Riders Review interviews Repavision clothing about their new alternative to rash guards. These liquid-repellant, breathable shirts can be rocked in and out of the water.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Odina Eco Surf Style

Board Riders Review interviews the peeps from Odina Eco Surf Style about their eco friendly swim suit line. Made from recycled plastic and reclaimed material, these suits are stylish, functional and comfortable to wear.

Rusty Dozer

The Dozer is Rusty's answer to the Channel Islands Motorboat by Rob Machado. Lower rocker, widened outlines and higher volume makes the Dozer a great all around performance surfboard for those in between swell conditions.

Xanadu Hobyo

Board Riders Review test drives a Xanadu Hobyo with a big diamond tail. A great blend of old school mixed with contemporary lines made this board super fun and super versatile in most every day surf conditions. Great for all levels of ability.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Channel Islands Surfboard Demo

Anna Santoro of Board Riders Review checks out a few of the Al Merrick Channel Island Surfboards: the Dane Reynolds' Neckbeard, the Yadin Nicol Cheese stick, and the Dagger by Taylor Knox.

Surf Prescriptions Bush Whacker Thang

Board Riders Review test rides the Bush Whacker Thang by Surf Prescriptions. Super fun board to ride on small crappy days when your short board won't cut it, and you don't feel like riding your longboard. It's a great board to add to your quiver. Check it out.

Monday, October 10, 2011

HDX Surf Hydration

A great way to re-hydrate after a killer surf session. At your home break or surfing some tropical paradise, HDX Hydration Mix is the most effecient, concious way to keep your mental focus, replace those precious electrolytes and also help your muscles recover. Check them out for sure!

Surfer Supplements

Can't surf as long as you used to, often feel exhausted after a surf sesssion? Then try Surfer Suppliments! Created by Dario Antonioni and the help of Big Wave Charger Greg Long and long time surfer and "Rippin Hottie" Serena Brooke. An easy way to get your supplements in one dose! "Stay healthy surf longer"!

Shaun Tomson's New Warp

Bustin' Down the Door and Legendary surfer,Shaun Tomson's got a new ride. The "Warp" by Al Merrick at Channel Islands Surfboards. Full bodied and designed to turn easier, catch waves easier, and have more fun. What else can you ask for in a surfboard!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Retro Surf Suits by Seea

Robyn McGinnis of Board Riders Review catches up with Italian swim suit designer, Amanda Chinchelli of Seea and gets a preview and test ride of her new 2012 retro surf suit swimwear line. Form fitting and comfortable without the usual tug and pull. Check out these dynamic surf divas!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Von Sol Hornet & the Nubster Fin

The latest in the Von Sol line up - the Hornet. Board Riders Review got a chance to ride it in the 5'10", and it absolutely rips! It was like we were Kelly Slater... for a moment. Sean Mattison's design of the Hornet plus the Nubster (a.k.a., the Guitar Pick) rocks! Get one!