Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Von Sol Fin Experimentation

Surfer / Surfboard designer Sean Mattison talks about fins and what a profound difference they can make to your surfboard and your surfing. Whether you ride a single fin, twinfin, twinzer, quad or thruster try experimenting with your fins. You will pleasantly surprised!

Von Sol Shadow Stringerless

The Shadow has been one of Von Sol Surfboards best seliers. And not to leave well enough alone, consummate surfer and surfboard designer Sean Mattison has taken a really good surfboard and pimped it out!

Von Sol Mantis XTR 7C

If the regular Mantis wasn't wicked enough, Sean Mattison at Von Sol Surfboards decided to XTR it and add Carbon! Absolutely off the richter!

Von Sol Twinzer

Sean Mattison at Von Sol Surfboards nailed it with this Twinzer. Fast and furious if you have never ridden one, we suggest you go to your favorite surfshop and get one now!

Von Sol Hornet Round Pin

If you're looking for a step-up board then look no further. Sean Mattison at Von Sol Surfboards made a board just for you! The Hornet Round Pin will let you attack bigger surf with confidence.

Von Sol Mantis

Another super versatile, fun surfboard by Sean Mattison of Von Sol Surfboards.

Von Sol Time Machine

Sean Mattison of Von Sol Surfboards shows us the new Time Machine. Designed for versatility and fun, we cant wait to take one out for a surf!