Monday, December 28, 2009

Board Riders Review makes Slider Magazine!

Lorenzo of Board Riders Review gets caught on a right hand screamer by Slider

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dessa Kirk Surfboard Review

Board Riders Review gets to ride Dessa Kirk Surfboards. Great gliders, these smooth operators got so many looks in and out of the water. Super fun to ride!

Board Riders Review Dessa Kirk Surfboards

Board Riders Review catches a few local Surfers giving their first impression of Dessa Kirk Surfboards.

Almond 5' 10" Kookumber Surfboard

Check out Megan and her Kookumber. A 5'10" single fin by Almond Surfboards. Board Riders Review is looking to catch up with surfing high school teacher, Megan, and talking her into letting us take it for a session, and hopefully make the grade.

Maurice Cole Metro

Lorenzo from Board Riders Reviews test rides the Metro by Maurice Cole and gives you the drop on it.

Russell Surfboards Rocket Fish

Check out this FAT 5'4" "Rocket Fish" by Russell Surfboards out of Newport Beach. Looks super fun! Board Riders Review caught Patrick at Pipes with it. Listen as he gives us the Juice on it.

Micah Wood 9' 4" Noserider

Max gives Board Riders Review a quick review of his Micah Wood noserider.

Cole Twin Fin

Board Riders Review catches Max Jesse with his Cole Twin and gets the scoop on his funboard.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for that perfect gift for your favorite surfer? Andrea from Board Riders Review visits Coral at Hansens Boardshop and finds some great gift ideas and stocking stuffers for the last minute shopper.

Board Riders Review wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Maurice Cole Surfboards

The Future is Faster! After winning the war against Mr. C, Maurice Cole talks with Board Riders Review during his visit to the US. The Legend from Down Under is Back in Black and introducing his personally tried and tested, really fast line of surfboards to America. Sold exclusively at Surf Ride Board Shops, they are now available to demo. I rode the Metro and was totally stoked on it!

Dessa Kirk Surfboards

Sexy Surfboards by Dessa Kirk. Board Riders Review gets the shizzel on hot new shaper, Dessa Kirks designs. From sexy rails to tantalizing art work, her surfboards are inspired by Skip Frye, Bob Mitsven and other notable shapers. Not only do they work and look good they will raise your cool factor and will attract a lot of attention on the beach.

IS IS by Zeph Carrigg

Lorenzo from Board Riders Review digs the Zeph Carrigg "Is Is" This board exceeded my expectations! Paddles great, turns great, catches everything. From ankle slappers to head high surf the "Is Is" felt very stable and brought my wave count and fun factor way up along with my confidence. Definitely a fun, versatile surfboard.

Synergy Surfboards

High performance surfboards that are green? Board Riders Review gets a peek at the V Drive, Synergy Surfboards new model that performs killer in heavy surf, yet works well in small grovel surf. Synergy surfboards are on the right path with their Eco friendly approach and are pushing the limits on design and performance. Can't wait to ride one!

Surf Coach USA

Sean Mattison talks to Board Riders Review about his very successful surf school, Surf Coach USA. Seans coaching can take a surfer to the next level of surfing. Coach of the World Champions, surfers are stoked on Sean.

Dessa Kirk Twin Fin

Andrea from Board Riders Review falls in love with a Dessa Kirk fish! One ride was all it took and Andrea was hooked (line and sinker) Influenced by Skip Frye, Bob Mitsven and several other notable shapers Dessa Kirk's surfboards are works of art. As professional sculptor / recently turned shaper, Dessa's work is outstanding!

KG Sea Viper

Board Riders Review test rides the new KG Sea Viper. This quad fish surfboard is fast and furious. Kane Garden nailed it with this new design, turns great, paddles easy, breaks loose when you want it to, yet very stable down the line. Also tuff and durable.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Longboard Shootout

Magic Model vs Meyerhoffer vs Firewire. See what Lorenzo from Board Riders Review says about these 9'6" longboards.

Surf Ride Demo

Surf Ride board demo. Dustin talks to Board Riders Review about their surfboard inventory available to the public to demo. "Its like test driving a car" before you buy it!

Hypr Nalu SUPS

Ian from Hypr Nalu gives Board Riders Review the scoop on his radical SUPs. Can't wait to ride them!

Bomber Eyewear

Sunglasses for above water sports that have a patented foam trim on the inside to keep them snug on your noggin while ripping the water or on land. Slylish, proven and affordable get a pair or two!

INT Softboards

Board Riders Review goes soft! Softboards with a hard attitude! INT boards are great for all ages and skill levels and will work perfect for visiting relatives or friends.

Board Riders Review of Ford Bonzer Surfboard

Lorenzo of Board Riders Review gives his opinion on the Ford Surfboards Five Fin Bonzer. Check it out!

Takayama Beach Break with Pablo Bonilla

3 time Mexican Surf Champ, Pablo Bonilla talks with Board Riders Review about surfing and his surfboard. He loves his Takayama Beach Break surfboard.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wingnut on Robert August Surfboards

Wingnut, team rider for Robert August, takes a break from signing autographs to talk with Board Riders Review.

Shaped by Dick Brewer

Follow legendary surfboard shaper Dick Brewer in a step by step instructional DVD on the essence of shaping surfboards. Just pop in player and Dick shows up in your living/shaping room and helps you shape your first or 100th board. It's like your own personal Dick only better!

Meyerhoffer Longboard Review

Check out this crazy surfboard, Lorenzo from Board Riders Review got to take it out for a surf and really liked it.

Hinano Tahitian Surfwear

Hinano Surf clothing desings from Tahiti. Super cool surf inspired clothes for in and out of the water.


Cool gear to keep you warm and safe. Whether you are SUPing, kiteboarding or kayaking, Peak UK has comfort, function and safety in mind when designing their outer gear. Check them out.

Sunphibian Sunglasses

Glasses you can surf in. With the late afternoon glare these Melanine coated glasses will reduce the glare from the blinding sun and keep you in the line up longer while saving your eyes.

Surf Monk Surf Robes

Cool changing robes from Surf Monk are so comfortable you may not want to get out of them. From kids to adults they come in several different styles and blends.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gene Cooper Fish Surfboards

Gene Cooper of Cooper Fish talks about his latest projects like the amazing Agave Board and his must have calendar.

Carl Ekstrom: on the Future of Surfboard Design

Check out Carl Ekstrom's designs, This may be the future of surfboards.

Zeph Carrigg, shaper at Bing Surfboards

Robyn McGinnis corners Zephaniah (Zeph) Carrigg, artist and shaper under the Bing label. Zeph"s 3 models are built for fun fun fun. Check out his boards and their amazing resin work.

Tim Stamps, Shaper of Stamps Surfboards

Tim Stamps gives Board Riders Review a quick shot on Stamps Surfboards.

Sticky Wheel

Tired of carrying or dropping you SUP? Board Riders Review finds a really cool product called Sticky Wheel at the Battle for the Paddle event. A simple light weight device that goes on your SUP in seconds. Check out the Video, I'm sure there are probably 1000 other uses for it .

Board Riders Review Hamboards

Lorenzo from Board Riders Review got a chance to ride the Hamboards, some of the biggest, most unique skateboards on the planet. Whether you're surf training, cruising to the liquor store or spending a lazy day on the boardwalk. These giant boards have a little something something for everyone.
They may even make you a better surfer! They are a blast!

Pro Team Rider Troy Mothershead on Stewart Surfboards

Board Riders Review gets the skinny from Troy Mothershead (Stewart team rider) on the 5 fin Stewart surfboards, The S-Winger and LSW. Board Riders Review got a chance to ride both of them and the first thing we noticed was how high they held in the pocket. We'll let Troy tell you...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shape with Robert August

Legendary Surfer//Shaper, Robert August talks to Andrea Siedsma of Board Riders Review about his boards and a cool program where you can spend a day shaping your own surfboard, as he guides you every step of the way. Known for his starring role in Endless Summer Robert remains as stoked as ever.

Dick Brewer

Legendary Shaper Dick Brewer spends a moment with Andrea of Board Riders Review at the Sacred Craft show. You could just feel the force!

Bing Copeland

Bing Copeland gets into a threesome with Andrea of Board Riders Review and team rider Robyn McGinnis. Bing talks about his new venture in Australia along with some of his favorite boards.

Von Sol

Sean Mattison shows use his new Von Sol Surfboards. Designed for function, fun and high performance, the hardest thing is choosing which one to get!

Gary Linden on Dick Brewer Surfboards

Gary Linden talks to Andrea of Board Riders Review about legendary shaper Dick Brewer surfboards. The designs and changes they have gone through in the past decades.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Lisa Carpenter Co founder of ReRip talks to Board Riders Review about her company. They are on a mission to Reduce, Reuse and Reride. They provide a venue for selling used boards online and locations where you can take your old surfboard to be recycled. All we have to say is, Lisa "ROCKS" Thank God for people like her and her company that care about the enviornment and are doing something about it!

Malama Composites

Ned from Malama Composites talks to Board Riders Review about being "Green to the Core" by making Soy based sustainable Surfboards amongst other products across a broad range of markets. Listen to what he has to say and do what you can in embracing the sustainability paradigm shift.

Surf into Yoga with Rochelle Ballard

Pro surfer Rochelle Ballard (one of the coolest humans I have ever met), talks to Board Riders Review about her new "Surf into Yoga" DVD. Her latest of many projects to come, features Hoku Gordines a 3rd degree "San Dan" along with Pro Snowboarder Chenelle Sladics. The trio takes you to a new level of surfing, working on your flexiblity, strength and inner peace.

5' 5" Aviso New Toy

Nick from Aviso reveals the new carbon fiber 5'5" New Toy by Doc Lausch. Looks pretty radical, can't wait to ride one.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Solid Surfboards

Board Riders Review catches Dan O'Hara of Solid Surf Co. at the Rob Machado's Green Expo. Dan shapes pretty much everything from Alaia's to super high performance SUP's. Re-using EPS scrap foam, Dans shapes stringerless,super light boards that look really cool and work as well. Also uses the latest FCS Fusion fin boxes.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Surf Exercise

Board Riders Review catches up with Paul Hiniker, trainer to some of the top surfers in the world. Paul talks to Andrea about his new Surf Exercises DVD he and Taylor Knox recently released. Designed to take your surfing to the next level. Paul gives us a little taste of the goodness. Can't wait to check it out and report back.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rob Machado's Surf Experience and Green Expo

Board Riders Review catches up with Rob Machado at his "Rob Machado's Surf Experience and Green Expo". A surf contest dedicated for kids as well as tons of information from vendors on how to live more green. Rob is passionate about the kids, going green and giving back to the community. Everyone came away stoked and can't wait for the next one!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Raw Skin

Dre of Board Riders Review interviews Sandra from Raw Skin about her women specific line of rash guards and water wear.

Hynson "Hottie" Black Knight 2

"Hynson Hottie" Andrea talks to Board Riders Review about her Black Knight in shining armour, after her first sesh . Light and girthy, catches tons of fun waves, "definitely in love and impressed" "definitely recommend it!"

Cardboard Surfboards

Board Riders Review interviews Mike of Cardboard Surfboards. He makes some crazy unique, rideable surfboards out of corrugated cardboard.

Stewart Surfboards S-Winger

Frank V talks with Board Riders Review about his new 6'4 S-Winger 5 fin board by Stewart surfboards.

DK Surfboards

Board Riders Review interviews DJ Kane of DK Surfboards. Kane is a new up and coming surfboard shaper based in Leucadia, California.

Evolution and Kaitlin Maguire

Board Riders Review catches Pro surfer Kaitlin MaGuire shaking it on the Evolution Vibration machine.

Hynson BK2

Board Riders Review recaps the first few sessions on Black Knight 2 from big swell to mush, the board performs! "Super fun and fast", "going an inch longer made a big difference" Check them out at your local shops and demo a few sizes.

Wavegrinder Tri Fins

Wavegrinder fins shows off their new fins for thrusters. Created from the same concept as some the top hydro engineers in the world, designed to give you speed and lift while minimizing drag

CSUSM - Beach Clean Up 101

All the way from Cal State U San Marcos, the pledges of co-ed professional business fraternity of Pi Upsilon make it their business to clean up the beaches! Board Riders Review gives them a big thank you for their efforts to keep our beaches and oceans clean!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scott Chandler visits Golden Touch Therapy

Big Wave Charger / Waterman Extraordinaire, Scott Chandler visits Gene Metcalf at Golden Touch Therapy to get some TLC and a neuromuscular therapy sports massage to keep him in top surf condition. Board Riders Review throws in some surf footage of Scott charging, courtesy of Scott Chandler.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ashley Lloyd Surfboards

Board Riders Review met up with musician, professional surfer, and shaper as she talks about her women specific surfboards. Her soulful style shows in her designs and especially in her music. Check out what Ashley has to offer.

Surf Her Skin Care

Board Riders Review checks out Surf Her Skin Care products that protect your skin from the continual stress of the elements. Whether you are out surfing or going out on the town, Surf Her Skin Care has the hypoallergenic products to keep your skin healthy and feeling great.

Pro Lite Surfboard Bags & Gear

Board Riders Review checks out Pro Lite Surfboard bags and travel gear. Some of the highest quality bags we've seen yet. From single board to coffin style, they offer a great variety for your surf travels, including backpacks, leashes, and grip pads for your stick.

Bruce Jones Surfboard

Board Riders Review interviews Bruce Jones and talks about his virtually indestructible surfboards. Still a kid at heart, Bruce is constantly creating and improving on his board designs. He started shaping in 1960.

Jamie Sterling at Golden Touch Therapy

Board Riders Review watches as Big Wave Rider, Jamie Sterling almost taps out from Gene Metcalf's deep tissue sports massage. Gene's sport specific, injury specific, and symptom specific therapy enhances performance. Learn more about Golden Touch Therapy at

Matunas Wax

Board Riders Review interviews Matt from Matunas Wax. This unique surfboard wax company makes 100% natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic wax for warm and cold water surfing.

On It Pro

Board Riders Review interviews Erik of On It Pro. They produce Blue Goo surfboard cleaner and prep for Xtreme Cream performance coating used by pro surfers and paddlers, designed to create less drag and make your boards faster. They also have a UV spray coating to block rays from yellowing your surfboards.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

La La Surfboards

Board Riders Review interviews Jon Lalanne of La La Surfboards from Hawaii. His innovative surfboard shapes are influenced by surf legends and claims he has some of the fastest boards for big and small waves.

Zamora Surfboards

Board Riders Review interviews Zamora Surfboards. Ian Zamora, one of the hottest new shapers in So Cal, creates one of a kind short and longboards and anything in between. Definitely check this video out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kings Paddle Boards - SUP

Surfer / Shaper Extraordinaire, Dave Daum of Kings Paddle Boards talks with Board Riders Review about his high performance stand up paddleboards, a.k.a. SUP. Voted product of the year by Mens Journal, these SUPs act more like surfboards.

Fire Wire Surfboards

Chuey Reyna of Fire Wire Surfboards talks with Board Riders Review about their latest technologies on their surfboards and what separates them from the rest.

Wegener's Alaias Surfboards

John Wegener of Wegener Surfboards talks with Board Riders Review about his unique Alaias Surfboards. Top Surfers, like Tom Curren, Chris Del Morro, Rob Machado, Dave Rastovich, and Dan Malloy have taken up the latest surfing craze with the Alaias. The finless plank is taking surfing to the next level.

Tomo Surfboards

Daniel Thomson of Tomo Surfboards talks with Board Riders Review about his future performance surfboards with dual fin hydrofoils and unique hatchet fins.

Nine Plus Wetsuits

Richard Balding from Nine Plus Wetsuits talks with Board Riders Review about his retro-style wetsuits, using the latest in Yamamoto rubber from Japan, featuring teflon coating and lumbar support. Their wetsuits are contoured and form fitting to feel like a second skin, designed to be thinner and lighter while maintaining warmth.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Axxe Wetsuits

Customized wetsuits for the perfect fit. Board Riders Review talks with Axxe Wetsuits from Japan at the Sacred Craft Show in Ventura.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jed Noll Surfboards - Jule Collection

Professional Surfer and Jed Noll Team Rider, Julie Cox talks about her signature surfboard collection, especially created for women surfers.

Jed Noll Surfboards - Joe Aaron Model

Professional Longboarder and Jed Noll Team Rider, Joe Aaron (a.k.a. Noserider Extraordinaire) talks about his signature model longboard and his Joe Motion fin.

Jed Noll Surfboards Steve Thomas Model

Jed Noll Team Rider, Steve Thomas talks with Board Riders Review about his signature model surfboard.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jed Noll Surfboards

Jed Noll takes Board Riders Review through his selection of boards, from contemporary to legendary. Son of legendary surfer Greg Noll, aka The Bull, Jed continues his father's legacy brand of Noll Surfboards.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stewart Surfboards: S Winger, Fart Knocker, Regal and LSW

Board Riders Review invades Bill Stewarts surf shop and squeezes Shop Manager Bjorn for information on some of their new best selling surfboards.

Koastal Skateboards

Koastal Skateboards gives Board Riders Review the skinny on their current line of cool, super fun to ride skateboards and a sneak peak at next years models.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Takayama Surfboards

Takayama team rider, Pro Surfer Wyatt Potts gives BoarRidersReview the 411 on some of Donald Takayama's/Hawaiian Pro Designs funnest Surfboards and best sellers they make.

Jeff Clark Flying Fish

See what Jeff Clark (and many shapers) go through at trade shows. And you thought surfing Mavericks was tough!


Found Spooners at a mall. Doesn't look like much, but after playing with one for a couple of weeks I was a able to increase my 360's on a skateboard from 2 to a consistent 5-6 rotations kinda like when I was younger. Really works on maintaining center of gravity over any board.

Stewart Surfboards New models

Board Riders Review caught up with Bill Stewart at the AB3 Fish Fry in O'side. He showed us his latest creations of surfboards and talked about hs new rental program and instant inventory of his surfboards on his Websitesite where u can view both sides of the boards or book a board online.

Surf Training at 1 on One Fitness

Pro Surfer Paul Pugliesi takes Board Riders Review along to one of his surf training sessions at 1 on One Fitness.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Surf Loose - Point Loma Fitness Interview

Board Riders Review catches up with Personal Trainer / Flexibility Therapist John Vosseller of Point Loma Fitness as he stretches and loosens up Pro Surfer Gavin Sutherland. Gavo went on to win the Aviso surf contest with his loose moves.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Takayama 9'0" Noah Comp Surfboard with Kelly Nicely

Board Riders Review met up with pro longboarder, Kelly Nicely where she talks up her 9'0" Takayama and her fins config. She's surfed a lot of Donald Takayama's boards and says that each one has a little magic in them. From classic surfing to a more progressive style, Kelly prefers Takayama's surfboard shapes.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rory Russell Pipeline Master Interview

Rory Russell 2 time Pipeline Champion talks Pipeline, Lightning Bolt surfboards, Gerry Lopez, surfing, surf school funny stories.....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Si-Boards Balance Boards

Board Riders Review talks with and tests Si-Boards. Possibly the best balance boards on the planet today. Designed by a nationally certified athletic trainer with a professional background in sports medicine, Elysia created these boards as a method for strength training and injury rehab. If you want to take your board riding to the next level, these balance trainers are a must.

Hamboards - Giant Skateboards

Board Riders Review hangs out with Pete Hamborg and his family to check out their giant skateboards, similating longboarding and short boarding. These boards are super fun! They are great for practicing surf maneuvers, like turning, carving, walking the board, noseriding, and pumping. Also, great for cruising the boardwalks.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Surf Better ~ Fulcrum Surf Studio Tour

Improve your surfing and gain confidence. BoardRidersReview got a quick tour of Fulcrum Surf Studio.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Interview with Fulcrum Surf Studio

Board Riders Review spent some time with Dan Mori, President of Fulcrum Surf Studio. Dan talks about their surf camps and training programs for kids aspiring to be professional surfers.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jeff Clark Reviews His New Carve Board

Joe Gerlach gives Jeff Clark a new Carve Board and talks about future projects as Board Riders Review hangs out.

On It Pro Interview

Board Riders Review checked out On It Pro at the ASR Show in San Diego. We got the info. Now we've got to do some testing. Check out what we found out.

2 Imagine Surfboards Interview

Board Riders Review caught up with Corran Addison at 2 Imagine Surfboards at the ASR Show in San Diego.

Review of Catch Surf 5'6" Y Quad Fish Surfboards

Board Riders Review found Catch Surfboards owner, George Arzente at The Point at San Onofre. He was riding his 5'6" Y Quad Fish and gave us a quick review of how the quad fins and after-burner rear rails helps the board trim down the line and snap at the bottom. Check it out.

Pro Surfer Liz Motshagen of SWEAT Interview

Pro Surfer Liz Motshagen of SWEAT and Pro Surfer Kaitlin Maguire take Board Riders Review on a workout tour at the Donald Takayama Surf Shop in Oceanside,CA and give a few tips on surf training, improving your paddling and getting fit.

Schuyler McFerran talks about Sea Enzyme

Schuyler McFerran Pro Surfer and first ever ASP Womens World Longboard Champion talks to Board Riders Review about Sea Enzyme 24 hour face moisturizer. And how it helps keep her skin moist after surfing.

Interview of Steve Ford of Ford Surfboards

Board Riders Review interviews shaper Steve Ford of Ford Surfboards and meets team rider Wyatt Marre.

Gary Linden Surfboards Interview

Board Riders Review met up with shaper, Gary Linden of Linden Surfboards at the Sacred Craft Show in Del Mar. Talks about his Parabolic stringer surfboards that give enhanced performance and spring back in turns, Concave deck surfboards form to your body great for beach breaks.

Aviso Interview - 5'0" Cole Trunk board

Board Riders Review met up with Nick Hartman and got a quick look at Aviso's 5'0" Cole Trunk Board at the Sacred Craft Show in Del Mar. The Trunk Board was originally created to fit in the trunk of a car in Japan, but took off in the States with local and pro surfers catching waves on it. With the popularity of the Trunk Board, Aviso is bringing out the 5'2" board. Check out the video and see what you think. Then test one out and let us know how it rides.

Review of Wave Grinder Surfboard Fin

Board Riders Review tests out the Wave Grinder Surfboard Fin on our 10'0" Colin McPhilips Longboard.

Review of Matunas Surf Wax

Board Riders Review tests Matunas Surf Wax.

Review of 9'6" Stewart Hydro Hull Surfboard

Mike, a San-O regular, gives his thoughts on how his 9'6" Stewart Hydro Hull Longboard rides.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Interview & Quick Review of 9 Fish Surfboards

Frank Johnson of Fish Surfboards tells us about their quiver of surfboard shapes. Then BRR takes one out to see how well they ride.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

9 Fish Hakama Review

BRR checks out the quick cover wet suit changer by 9 Fish called the Hakama. We tested it to see if it can really keep us covered while we get suited up for surf.

Interview of Rack It for Snowboards (Pt. 2)

Board Riders Review visited Rack It to learn about their rack set ups for snowboards. This is Part 2 of the full interview and time we spent learning about their rack sets. (Part 1 shows more on racks for surfboards.)

Interview of Rack It for Surfboards (Pt. 1)

BRR visited Rack It to check out what they have for surfboards rack. We got a good look at their selection and the different choices they've got for packing surfboards to surf spots. Cool place. Check out the video & see for yourself.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

4-Way Fin System Interview

Board Riders Review caught up with 4-Way Fin System at the ASR Show in San Diego. Check out this video about the Adjustable 4-way Fin System.

Xtreme Sports ID Interview

Have you ever had the thought of would anyone know where to look if I got hurt and couldn't call for help? Xtreme Sports ID answers that question. Board Riders Review got the 411 on this 911 helper at the ASR Show in San Diego.

Review of 11'6" Donald Takayama Stand-up Paddle Board

Board Riders Review tries out a stand up paddle board for the first time. The 11'6" Donald Takayama Stand Up Paddle Board was loaned to us by Surftech. If you've ever been interested in surfing a stand up paddle like Laird Hamilton, check out this video before you go and buy.

Surtech Interview on Stand Up Paddling

Board Riders Review interviews Sander Nauenberg of Surftech about their stand up paddle boards. Surftech is sandwich construction, lightweight durable boards.

Scott Bass of Sacred Craft Interview

Board Riders Review caught up with Scott Bass at the Sacred Craft Show in Del Mar. Scott is the organizer of the show that brings surfboard shapers together with surfboard lovers.

9'1" McTavish Original Longboard Review

BRR test rode a 9'1" McTavish Original Longboard, shaped by Australian legend, Bob McTavish. This tuflite surfboard provided by Surf Tech is light and narrow. Check out what BRR has to say about the ride.

Sunny Garcia's Versasurf Review

Board Riders Review met up with Pro Surfer, Sunny Garcia at the ASR Show in San Diego, where he gives props to Versasurf Traction and why he uses it on all of his surfboards.

WaveGrinder Fins Interview

Board Riders Review came across Doug Simpson at the Sacred Craft Show in San Diego and talked with him about his unusual surfboard fins. Doug explains the physics and familiarity of his hydrodynamic creation. Watch for a follow up video of our test rides of the WaveGrinder Fins.

Doc Surfboards Interview

Jeff "Doc" Lausch of Surf Prescriptions gives Board Riders Review an interview about his boards and the perfect quiver. Doc is the shaper for Donavon Frankenreiter, Jay Larson, Chase Newsome, Coco Nogales, Timmy Turner, and Team Brazil. He is the creator of the USO Board and also shapes fish, gun, retro single, xtr epoxy, towboard, and ol school.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shaper, Steve Walden & the Magic Model

Board Riders Review met up with shaper Steve Walden of Walden Surfboards at the Sacred Craft Show in San Diego. Steve, the Father of the Modern longboard, talks about his most popular surfboard, the Magic Model. He tells how it is designed to be versatile for the majority of surf conditions. Steve is also well known for being the World Record holder for the longest noseride.

Shaper, Rich Landerer of Rickland Surfboards, Part 2

In Part 2 of 2 videos, surfboard shaper Rich Landerer talks with Board Riders Review about how he customizes his surfboards to match the skills and surf conditions of the riders. Rickland Surfboards specializes in custom design boards for Southern California surf as well as traveling boards.

Shaper, Rich Landerer of Rickland Surfboards - Part 1

In Part 1 of 2 videos, BRR met up with shaper Rich Landerer of Rickland Surfboards. Rich talks about where he gets his inspiration for the shapes of some of his surfboards and how they respond to So-Cal surf conditions. Be sure to catch Part 2.